Revive your bathroom

Revive your bathroom Author: Style At Home


Revive your bathroom

1 Choose light and neutral colours on structural elements, as well as on
wall and floor tiles, and save the strong colours for the accessories. This will make it easier to refresh the decor every few years.

2 If space is at a premium, opt for wall faucets: You’ll save considerable

3 Use a pale colour on the ceiling. Pale blue, silvery green or buttery yellow will achieve the desired effect.

4 Install tilted mirrors, which can be used by people of all heights.

5 For a sophisticated rustic tone, favour natural materials such as slate (for its anti-slip properties), marble and various kinds of wood.

6 To store linen and other supplies, opt for articles of furniture rather than wall cupboards.

7 Transform an old chest of drawers into a vanity. This type of furniture item adds incredible charm.

8 Install dimmers on light fixtures. You’ll love taking a long bath surrounded by a soft, tawny light. Shaded wall fixtures are also a good choice, as they cast an intimate glow reminiscent of candlelight.

9 Showcase high-end ceramic tiles by using them as a border or by inserting them between rows of large tiles on a floor mosaic. This type of composition lends added depth and personality to the room.

10 From a design perspective, ensure continuity and maintain that vision when redecorating your bathroom. You can still create a distinct atmosphere without leaving the impression that the room is in an entirely different world.


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Revive your bathroom