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Interior: Cozy cottage

Interior: Cozy cottage

Take a look inside this charming Quebec cottage. Author: Monic Richard

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Interior: Cozy cottage

This charming Quebec cottage holds its authentic look and feel by preserving pieces of history for a homey feel.

Usually an 80-year-old cottage shared by a large extended family would have endured several renovations as the decades ticked by, resulting in a mishmash of styles and some seriously dated decor. But this cottage in Quebec, nestled on a private lake in the Laurentians, has remained virtually untouched since it was built in 1933 – and the result is utterly charming.

Shared by four sisters and a cousin, plus their spouses and children, the year-round retreat is one of four cottages on a 2,000-acre property that the prominent Montreal family has owned for the past 100 years.


Classic Quebecois cottage
The cottage exterior bears all the hallmarks of Quebecois style with its high-pitched roof, bell-cast eaves, casement dorner windows and stone chimney.


Stone Fireplace
For as long as the owners can remember, the stone fireplace in the living room has been whitewashed. Propped on the mantel is a portrait of their grandmother.


Warm dining room
As many as 14 people have gathered for meals in the cottage’s dining room, which is furnished with a table that has just “always been there,” says one of the owners.


1930s kitchen cabinetry
Cedar-clad walls and original 1930s cabinetry make the kitchen a warm and inviting space.


Porcelain double sink
The old porcelain double sink adds a charming sight to the cottage where very few changes have been allowed over the years.  


Desk nook
A bright turquoise-painted desk and chair that have seen much love light up a small dark nook. 


Cedar planked bedroom walls
The cedar planked walls, solid pine floors, casement windows and antique furnishings are all still original. Twin beds are a practical choice, especially when a lot of extended family is in residence.  


Antique tub
Claw-footed tubs add a vintage bathroom feel. 


Double faucet sink
The original fixtures like this bathroom sink with its separate hot and cold faucets are still in good working order. 

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Interior: Cozy cottage