8 must-haves for the chef's kitchen

8 must-haves for the chef's kitchen Author: Style At Home


8 must-haves for the chef's kitchen

Whether you’re planning a formal dinner party or a simple Sunday brunch, these handy kitchen gadgets will have you concocting culinary masterpieces in no time.

1 Juicer
The next time you’re having company for breakfast, forego the carton of OJ in favour of freshly squeezed. This five-speed juicer can make an eight-ounce glass of juice in just five seconds and allows you to pop in whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting, slicing or peeling.


2 Stand mixer
Don’t mess around with just any old mixer -- the new stand mixer from KitchenAid’s Architect Series features a powerful 325-watt motor and 10-speed controls for mixing accuracy.  Not to mention that it has a flour pour rating of nine cups, giving you a yield of nine dozen cookies, or seven pounds of mashed potatoes -- perfect when you’re cooking for a crowd. $500US,


3 Double sink
Prep like a pro with the Stages sink from Kohler’s Chef-Inspired Collection. Its ample basin and wet work surface are ideal for rinsing and drying foods and the wooden cutting board and sliding trays fit neatly into the sink, giving you extra space for food prep. $1449,


4 Cake server
These modern, Danish-designed cake servers from Magisso effortlessly cut a perfect slice of cake; a gentle squeeze of the handle releases each slice neatly onto your guests’ plates. Also available in stainless steel. $20,


5 Tagine
The tall lid on this ceramic, Moroccan-style tagine traps steam inside and keeps food moist while cooking. Perfect for preparing and serving stews, it can be used in both the oven and microwave, as well as on the stovetop. $180,


6 Warming drawer
Essential for entertaining, this versatile warming drawer gives you low temperature options for plate warming, as well as high settings guaranteed to keep soups and sauces steamy until you’re ready to serve them. $1400,


7 Rice cooker
This sleek, four-in-one rice cooker has an electronic control panel you can program for steaming, slow cooking, or making rice or porridge. And don’t be fooled by its compact design–it yields up to 20 cups of cooked rice. $150,


8 Strainer pot
Take the worry out of an unwatched cooktop with this aluminum pot and vented stainless steel lid, which reduces pressure and prevents food from boiling over. It also makes for simple straining when cooking is complete. $20,



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8 must-haves for the chef's kitchen