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Small space interior: Pretty in pink

Small space interior: Pretty in pink Author: Style At Home

Small Spaces

Small space interior: Pretty in pink

With room for two, the resolutely feminine home that Jodi Fisher shares with her daughter, Caia, is a sweet retreat from Vancouver’s urban hustle and bustle. At just 1,600 square feet, the petite house required some smart small space planning. Here’s how interior designer Rosemary Sleigh packed in the elegance, with Jodi’s inspired eye for art and decor lending personal glamour.


A king-size bed is striking within the modest dimensions of the master bedroom, especially with a tall, sparkling bespoke headboard.


Amplify the drama
Have fun with scale and details. Here, hot punches of pink introduce personality to the otherwise calm, dove grey space. In this lighthearted home, furniture choices and placement are deliberately bold. “In a small space, the pieces you select should be robust and daring,” says interior designer Rosemary Sleigh, “enough to anchor the zones.”

Repeat, repeat, repeat!
Successful small-space decor is an exercise in design fundamentals.  The easiest example to glean from the Fisher home is repetition: the grey-on-grey palette, numerous black accents, rounded shapes, layered fabrics, and luxurious textures like smooth silk and fluffy wool. Add a smattering of one-off glam accessories, and you’ve got a poised look that begs to be emulated. “Good design principles are especially critical in a small, open plan,” says Rosemary.

Let it sparkle
“When working with any small space, look for ways to draw the light into the farthest reaches,” says Rosemary. In the bedroom, the custom-made quilted headboard evokes a starry night, thanks to a constellation of tiny mirrors embroidered right onto the fabric.


White and pastel pink set a girlie tone in Caia’s bedroom. A wrought-iron four-poster, twinkling chandelier and faux fur throw make the room fit for a little princess.

“The space doesn’t feel small at all because of the layout, high ceilings and lots of light.” -JODI FISHER, HOMEOWNER

Be playful
Small children are a unique consideration when designing compact spaces. Streamlined living zones with lots of open space between furniture keep chaos under control as little ones race around.  Creating a superplush and nifty nest (like the four-poster bed in daughter Caia’s room, heaped with pillows and a faux fur throw) means kids have a special spot to play and rest – although Caia says, “I love Mom’s princess room the best.”

“The decor is really feminine – girlie, actually – and that’s just the way we like it.” -JODI


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Small Spaces

Small space interior: Pretty in pink