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Decorating with towels

Liven up your bathroom with creative ways to display your towels.

Towels are one item you'll find in any bathroom. But practical function aside, brightly coloured or creatively displayed towels can add a touch of style and personality to your bathroom.

The following tips will help you to display your towels in interesting and imaginative ways.

Colour code
Assigning a specific colour of towel to members of your family is one way to brighten up your bathroom. Choose a colour scheme that matches your current decor. This is one way to avoid switching or mixing up towels, but is also a great way to work with your colour palette.

Install hooks and shelving
Hang towels that are currently in use on decorative hooks, which can be found in most home decor stores. Install shelving just above the hooks for fresh, clean towels. Folded and stacked, you can create a display – keeping them out of the way, yet still easily accessible.

Roll 'em up
Your linen closet needn't be overflowing with stacks of towels. Display the ones that aren't in use by using them as an accessory. Tightly roll three or four hand towels and place these inside a wicker basket. Set the basket on the bathroom counter or on a wall shelf. Or, roll different-colour towels, tie together with ribbon and place standing upright inside a metal watering can. For a more masculine touch, display rolled towels in an unused toolbox.

Whether you choose to use towels of the same colour or mix it up with various shades, try layering your towels on your towel rack. Fold and place the largest bath towel at the bottom, place a hand towel on top, followed by a face cloth. This look is neat, tidy and keeps all your towels in one easily accessible place.

Whatever you try, the key is to experiment. Don't let your good towels go unnoticed by keeping them hibernating in the closet. Bring them out into the light of day and use them as attractive accents for your home.

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