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Kitchen interior: Into the blue

Suzanne Moutis
Photography by
Virginia Macdonald

A dark and outdated kitchen goes through an incredible transformation to become a bright white kitchen with watery blue accents.

Nothing says clean, tidy and organized like a white colour scheme. That's the reason so many designers choose it for high-traffic, hard-working areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and Style at Home editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin herself is certainly no stranger to its appeal. When she was asked to take on the renovation of this west-end Toronto home, the no-shade shade seemed like the obvious choice to update the busy, cluttered space - with its claustrophobic muddle of patterned orange wallpaper, brown wood cabinets and dingy yellow-ivory accents - that hadn't seen a paintbrush or a contractor since 1965.

But white can also be stark and, in a bright space like this one, even near-blinding on a sunny day. Erin's strategy was to temper the snowy hue with a grounding colour that wouldn't overwhelm the room with contrast, and then carefully consider the small details to add layers of texture that ease the eye. If a clean white slate was the clear preference for the overhaul of the room, Erin thought, then a calm, soothing blue was its unequivocal counterpart.

The before The kitchen before its light, Euro-style makeover.
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