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2013 bathroom design trends

Designer Meredith Heron fills us in on this year's hottest bathroom design trends.

Whether you live in a house of five or a condo by yourself, the bathroom is often used as a getaway from the world, a place to relax and have a bubble bath or pamper yourself before a night out. Bathroom design trends for 2013 revolve around the notion of making your bathroom like a sanctuary, with beautiful lighting, rich stonework and deep freestanding tubs. “It’s really all about luxury and creating a comfortable retreat,” says Meredith Heron, principal designer of Meredith Heron Design. “We’re also putting a lot of furniture in the bathroom if space permits,” she says. With this in mind, Meredith shares what bathroom design trends we’ll be seeing plenty of in 2013, from flooring to showers to window coverings.

“I always plan a combination of practical and pretty when it comes to bathroom lighting,” says Meredith. “Great sconces flanking your mirror provide good lighting for the face. Then add some pot lights to the ceiling and then a statement chandelier or flush mount if the room permits.” If you’re tired of sconces and want more of a unique look, Meredith says that vintage lighting and pendants will be on trend for 2013 as well. “Suspend these over countertops for a more eclectic look that is a little unusual and unexpected. Brass and gold will be huge this year!”

Not much has changed for sinks in 2013, claims Meredith, with the all-in-one sink and vanity combination continuing to lead in popularity. For faucets, however, we’ll be getting a glam update. “Brass faucets are going to be wildly popular in bathrooms – I'm doing all brass in my own bathroom renovation as we speak!” says Meredith. “Watch for a return to traditional styles that are more ornate, including bridge faucets.”

For showers, luxury is key in 2013. Whether it’s the newest in showerhead design or simply a luxurious stone surround, the focus is on making our bathrooms similar to a spa experience. “Marble in the shower is in big demand,” says Meredith. “From slabs of marble to large tiles to mosaic patterns, it’s a classic stone that comes back as a big trend year after year.”

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