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Dishwashers: What's new?

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Noisy oversized dishwashers are a thing of the past! These trusty kitchen companions are now smaller and offer far superior performance – they're even quite eye-catching.

Thanks to major advances in technology, the dishwasher is not the beast it once was. Clearly more sophisticated, today's dishwashers benefit from several innovations that have translated into improved performance, a more aesthetic design and greater versatility. The most recent models on the market provide the following leading-edge features.

Design and materials
Built-in, portable or compact, the latest models feature a highly attractive design. As well, almost all are automated and equipped with an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, which highlights their minimalist style. A few models have original features, like two independent drawers. And while black and white remain classics and stainless steel is still very much in demand, we're now seeing an increasing number of dishwashers in various colours, particularly blue and red. One way or the other, consumers intent on matching their dishwasher with their kitchen cupboards can now choose a model with a made-to-measure front panel. It's also important to consider how the inside of the dishwasher is organized.

Most new models feature spaces specially designed for small plates and for pot and pans. Adjustable racks are also a practical option, as they can be modified to suit your needs. The dishwasher tub is available in stainless steel or polypropylene. And while the tub material has no impact on the dishwasher's performance, the stainless steel tub is more robust offering the best stain and odour resistance.

Format and capacity
Formats vary from one model to the next, depending on the capacity. More often than not, capacity is designated by the number of place settings, with one place setting the equivalent of approximately 10 items. Thus, a compact dishwasher with a capacity of four place settings will be perfectly suited to one or two people, while a capacity of 12 place settings will meet the needs of four to six people. For large families, some models can handle up to 16 place settings, or 180 to 195 items. What makes these machines appealing is that even though they provide superior capacity, they are the same width (61 cm) as models with a capacity of 12 place settings. Compact dishwashers, for their part, measure 45 or 46 centimetres in width.


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