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Kitchen decor trends 2011

Canadian designers tell us what's cooking in kitchens in 2011.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Indeed, no matter how lovely the living room, how comfortable the dining room chairs, you're sure to find a coterie of friends and family hovering around the kitchen whenever they're over. And no one can argue that having an up-to-date space will fill you with pride when you're entertaining, not to mention cooking. asked Canadian designers for their forecasts on what's cooking in the kitchen in 2011.

Kitchens will be gray
"We'll see warm gray neutrals, natural limestone colours and textures, paired with sleek white cabinets or dark woods."
Amy Kent and Ryan Martin, Croma Design, Toronto

"Gray will continue to be a prevalent colour in paint and in kitchen cabinets. It can be used in a traditional way with a Shaker-style front, or in very modern high-gloss applications. Gray is definitely here to stay, commonly paired with brown and white."
Lisa Canning, Lisa Canning Interiors, Toronto

"Lots of gray though [the kitchen] and painted cabinetry. Martha Stewart just launched a new line of kitchens for the Home Depot - again lots of neutral painted cabinets in colours like Ocean Floor (gray), Beach Sand, Sharkey Gray for [longtime creative collaborator] Kevin Sharkey."
Samantha Pynn, Contributing Design Editor, Style at Home; host and principal designer, Pure Design

Bright colours in the kitchen
"We're also going to see dynamic pops of colour. In Canada, this will be reserved to neon or jewel-tone colours in fun accessories or small appliances (unlike our neighbours across the pond who may do their major appliances and cabinets in neons and jewel tones).
Lisa Canning

"Inspired by exotic destinations like Africa, India, Peru and Turkey we are seeing bold colours and prints in pinks, oranges, turquoise and greens. Bright colours and bold patterns paired with the classic earthy and neutral accessories create a well-balanced combination of colour for a visual feast in your home."
The residential team of Sizeland Evans Interior Design, Calgary

Colour may not be for everyone
"We will not see striking change in colour or design direction from 2010 moving into 2011, but rather a continuation and strengthening of several trends that have been around or emerging over the last year."
Sizeland Evans Interior Design

"For the most part [kitchens] are staying classic because it's a kitchen and you want it to last."
Samantha Pynn

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