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In the zone
"The kitchen triangle is such a misnomer. It was a concept developed during the
Depression, when there was one person in the kitchen running from sink to fridge to stove. Now, there are dishwashing, food preparation, storage and pantry zones. As the hub of the home, the kitchen is shared by more family members; how we work in our kitchens has changed." -- Paula Arsens, Paula Arsens Kitchen Design, Vancouver

Food for thought
"I liken kitchen design to shopping for a car. First, we choose the body style -- the overall look, including cabinetry. Then we go for the options -- the user-oriented technology like hands-free faucets and soap dispensers, and fl ashy cappuccino machines and steam ovens. The new reality is that you can have a kitchen with the elegance of a Bentley, and major technology backing up the style." -- David Overholt, David Overholt Interior Design, Toronto

A whole new glass
"Glass is huge, and in a whole new way. Back-painted glass backsplashes have a sleek, glossy look that works well with both traditional and modern cabinetry. The glass should run from the underside of the upper cabinets right down to the countertop. Kick it up a notch and add under-cabinet lighting for a look that's both sophisticated and dramatic. And pick your own paint colours or use other materials behind the glass, like wallpaper, fabric or artwork. Your imagination is the only limit!" -- Jenny Martin, Pure Design Firm, Victoria

Tracks & glides
"There have been huge advances in kitchen hardware technology, specifically sliding tracks and glides. These are being used in soft-close and self-closing drawers up to an astounding width of 120 centimetres, sliding and lift-up doors in cabinetry, and drawers in appliances." -- Erica Westeroth, XTC Kitchen Design, Toronto

Tech talk
"The most exciting development in kitchens is the evolution of technology. Everything from incorporating TVs and computers to landing pads for charging cellphones and Blackberrys." -- Paul Lavoie, Paul Lavoie Interior Design, Calgary

Keep it simple
"Simplicity dominates -- even traditional kitchens have fewer fussy details to visually clutter the space. Lines are clean and angular. Finishes are clearer, without muddy paste glazes." -- Robin Siegerman, Sieguzi Interior Designs, Toronto

Variety is the spice of life
"We're no longer stuck with only three wood species for the kitchen. For cabinets, there are some fantastic exotic woods available. Glass is being used in beautiful ways -- backsplashes, countertops and even floors. There are translucentresin panels with embedded seagrass, which can be backlit on islands or backsplashes." -- Robin Siegerman, Sieguzi Interior Designs, Toronto 

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