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25 creative jewelry organizers straight from you,'s readers.

We asked our readers to submit their most stylish storage ideas for their precious baubles and were overwhelmed with responses. If you're looking for new and creative ways to display and organize your earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches then you'll love these jewelry organizer ideas. 

1 I use a jewlery pouch with anti-tarnish properties to it. There are separate compartments for tiny earrings that tend to get lost and straps to attach longer necklaces. It keeps everything separate and makes sure that my jewelry is shiny and not a tangled mess. I love it! Elizabeth

2 Buy two jewelry boxes, one for precious jewelry and one for costume jewelry. I like the acrylic organizers; they are extremely sturdy and are perfect to store and organize jewelry because you can quickly see what you have. Louise

3 I use a selection of decorative boxes in different sizes, stacked on top of my dresser. The big one I use for throwing in my big bangles, another for my chunky necklaces, etc. All my delicate jewelry and more expensive stuff I keep in a special small case. The things that I don’t wear on a regular basis I keep in small clear baggies within the boxes. That way they all stay untangled, paired together and clean. Plus, the clear plastic makes it easier to quickly see each piece. Rumiko

4 I use a jewelry tree which organizes my chains, bracelets, watches etc. Marsha

5 I have a wooden key rack hung in my closet. It's perfect for hanging up my necklaces and makes it quick to see what I have and to decide which one to wear! Evelyn

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