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10 new ideas for your Christmas tree

10 new ideas for your Christmas tree Author: Style At Home

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10 new ideas for your Christmas tree

One of the best things about Christmas is decorating the tree. But you don't have to stick to traditional reds and greens, golds and silvers. Not only are there lots of colour palettes to explore but there are stylish, 'less conventional' tree trimmings out there that you might want to try. And while they may be far from the usual, you can achieve an eye-popping tree with a little extra coordination. Dig through your existing arsenal and find the ones you love. Then choose new and modern pieces that complement your favourites. There’s something out there for every decorating style!
  xmasTree-1.jpgRustic cowbell ornament
Forego traditional silver bells for this rustic cowbell ornament. With its antique finish and jute string, it harkens back to simpler times and Christmases gone by. Restoration Harware, $19.49 – 21.99.

Jewel garland
Create the impression of water droplets or snowflakes falling gently around your tree with this beautiful jeweled garland. The clear jewels look like they’re floating in mid-air, inspiring a feeling of serenity. Pottery Barn, $29.90. xmas-Tree-3.jpg
Debbie Travis heirloom Victorian slipper ornament
Whether you decorate your tree in a more carefree, playful way or opt for a stylish monochromatic feel, this delicate Victorian slipper ornament will fit right in. It hangs equally well next to colourful nutcrackers, shiny gold balls or your child’s first homemade ornament. Canadian Tire, $3.99. xmas-Tree-4.jpg
Recycled flower ball ornaments
They’re round like traditional tree ornaments, but there’s nothing ordinary about these colourful orbs. Made of recycled paper, they are both modern and eco-friendly. CB2, $2.50.

 xmas-Tree-5.jpgSilver glitter spruce pick
There are plenty of ways to add shimmer to your tree. Try these silver glitter spruce picks. Their glittery beads dazzle in daylight and twinkle at night when the tree lights come on. Pottery Barn, $10.31.


Tweed fabric dog ornaments
Move over sock monkeys! These unique fabric friends bring a little humour and a whole lot of cute to your tree! It’s hard not to fall for tweed pups with knitted winter caps and glistening thread bodies. Pair them with snowflakes, log cabins and the like for a more alpine theme. Crate and Barrel, $31.80/set of 4.


Aluminum ornament set
One approach to tree decorating is choosing ornaments that represent you and your family. Whether it’s you or someone else, there’s bound to be a chef in the mix...or at least, the person who does most of the Christmas cooking! Either way – these aluminum culinary decorations are a perfect addition! Williams-Sonoma, $39.95/set of 3.


Porcelain snowflake set
These pretty porcelain pieces are elegantly simple. But they offer modern chic thanks to snowflakes that are offset rather than uniformly centred. A coat of shimmering white paint brings the look of glistening snow indoors., $9.75/set of 5.

Harry Potter ornaments
These whimsical ornaments spell childhood for young and old alike. The Harry Potter characters are a can’t-miss for children. But the nostalgic look of matryoshka dolls is sure to bring a smile to the older generation too!, $37.50/set of 3. xmas-Tree-last.jpg
Crimped metal sphere
Ornaments definitely dress up your tree. But lights are what make it shine. Make your basic Christmas tree lights shimmer even more with these crimped metal spheres. They’re like little festive lanterns hanging off the branches. West Elm, $15.97/set of 8.


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10 new ideas for your Christmas tree