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Buying guide: Daybeds

Buying guide: Daybeds Author: Style At Home

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Buying guide: Daybeds

A daybed is a wonderfully versatile piece of furniture to have in your home. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing it can help shape your space, making it more inviting and comfortable. Available for a myriad of price points and made in a variety of styles, a daybed will be a welcome addition to any room of your home. The following five tips will help you choose the best daybed for your space or show you how to make better use of the one you have.

DAYBED-WestElm.jpg 1 The all-purpose daybed
One of the best features of a daybed is its incredible versatility. Placed in a living room, it's the perfect lounging chair for entertaining or cozy evenings and will then make a comfortable sleeping option for overnight guests. It also works wonders in a guest room or lobby area. A daybed is also the ideal piece to accessorize: add a few decorative pillows and a throw by day, and a colourful duvet cover for a good night's sleep.

Photo courtesy of West Elm.

DAYBED-Storage.jpg 2 Easy storage
No matter how spacious your home is, sufficient storage is always hard to find. A daybed can be the perfect piece of furniture to give you some much needed extra space. Rattan baskets like these ones will help keep any room tidy with plenty of room for linens, objects and knick-knacks. This kind of daybed is ideal for a guest room and is wonderfully multi-functional.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.

3 Creating spaces
One of the challenges of a large space can be figuring out how to arrange your furniture. A daybed is an easy piece to place and can help solve that issue. Showcase your daybed in the center of your room to act as a divider and create a more intimate feel. A daybed that feels light and open is ideal for that purpose.

Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel.

DAYBED-small.jpg 4 Small space perfect
Daybeds also work wonders in smaller spaces where you don't have the luxury to have too many pieces of furniture. Place your daybed as the centerpiece of your room and work your other furniture around it. The daybed will act as relaxing seating for gatherings and easily transform into a comfortable bed at nighttime. A daybed like this one is the perfect option as you can remove its top to create a double bed.

Photo courtesy of CB2.
DAYBED-Pottery-Outdoor.jpg 5 An outdoor haven
Who said daybeds should only be used inside? A daybed works beautifully to create a cozy outdoor space. It will bring all the comfort of your bedroom and living room outside and make you want to spend more time outdoors. Beautified with a few throw pillows, it's an ideal place to entertain.

Photo courtesey of Pottery Barn.


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Buying guide: Daybeds