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Buying guide: Ottomans

Buying guide: Ottomans Author: Style At Home

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Buying guide: Ottomans

Between juggling a hectic work schedule, chauffeuring the kids to extra-curricular activities and running a household, it can be difficult to find a moment for yourself.  Introducing a stylish ottoman to the home, however, can serve as a bright reminder that taking time to relax is equally as important as everything else scribbled on your never-ending ‘to-do’ list.  

Often an overlooked piece of furniture, the humble ottoman presents a wide variety of options to choose from. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid buyer’s remorse and ensure that your ottoman perfectly suits your home, needs and taste.

Ottoman basics to remember

1 Size
As with any home decor accessory, it is important to remember that what looks fantastic in a showroom might not physically fit in your living room.  Be sure to shop with a tape measure and take note of the dimensions of the ottoman so that there are no surprises when you bring it home.

2 Shape
The shape of an ottoman can greatly impact the aesthetic of a space. For example, a large square ottoman can become a prominent feature, doubling as a coffee table to display beautiful trays and decorative accessories.  Meanwhile, a tall cylinder-like ottoman can offer a more contemporary feeling and bring a sense of modern sophistication to a room. Shop around and find the shape that speaks to your design sensibilities.

3 Fabric
Ottomans are typically well loved and well used, making fabric an important consideration. If you have small children or pets, a durable stain-resistant fabric will probably be best. Consider buying a slipcover for easy cleaning as well. For a masculine look, consider leather; for something more feminine, try a soft floral pattern or buy vintage fabric and reupholster.  Experiment with colour and pattern and texture until you find a look that truly complements your individual style.

4 Construction
The last thing anybody wants is to have a piece of furniture collapse underneath them, so be sure to examine the craftsmanship of an ottoman before purchasing it. Don’t be afraid to inspect the bottom of an ottoman to ensure that the joints are sturdy and well constructed.  And, of course, try it out in the showroom!

8 ottomans we love!
There are more ottoman design options than you might think. Just take a peek at these eight ottomans we love and try choosing just one! buying-guide-white-ottoman.jpg
Eaton ottoman
Drama lies in the details of this sleek carefully crafted piece. Boasting grandiose fashion and a flair for fanciness, the Eaton offers effortless comfort and charm. Williams-Sonoma, 1,050.00 – $2,650.00. buying-guide-shaggy-ottoman.jpg
Chatsworth ottoman
Delicately lathed legs and wonderfully wacky cotton-wool upholstery create an interesting contrast in the Chatsworth that would be ideal for any creative space. It is a classic shape infused with ‘shaggy chic’ playfulness, resulting in one fabulous footrest! Anthropologie, $1598.00. buying-guide-grey-ottoman.jpg
Fjord smoke ottoman with tray
Inspired by Scandinavian and eco-friendly design, the Fjord presents clean lines and a striking modern presence. Solid maple legs and a built-in tray make this smoky understated ottoman even more irresistible. CB2, $449.00. buying-guide-samar-ottoman.jpg
Samar ottoman
The chunky weave of this sustainable cylinder ottoman lends itself beautifully to a rustic home interior or bold outdoor patio. Tall, sturdy and rather striking, this piece would also make a terrific occasional table. Crate and Barrel, $148.94.

Essex Dhurrie ottoman
This blue beauty is upholstered by master Indian rug weavers with traditional dhurries, resulting in a unique artisan finish. Cozy and comfortable, this piece offers a bold graphic print and memorable design. West Elm, see store for price.

Max orange felt sleeper ottoman
This smart ottoman certainly catches the eye, flaunting vibrant tangerine tango upholstery and a nifty ability to convert into a twin sized sleeper! A multi-functional marvel. CB2, $599. buying-guide-cow-hid-ottoman.jpg
1950s Copenhagen hair-on-hide top ottoman
Hand-distressed leather, natural hide and spectacular texture are the key elements of this mid-century modern design. Everyone will want to get their feet on this piece. Restoration Hardware, $965. buying-guide-leather-ottoman.jpg
Sullivan leather cubes
For a touch of gorgeous geometry, why not consider one of these compact cubes? Available in a variety of colours, with a natural leather look, this ottoman makes a home decor strong statement.  Pottery Barn, $375.41.


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Buying Guides

Buying guide: Ottomans