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Lovable lunch accessories

Lovable lunch accessories Author: Style At Home

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Lovable lunch accessories

One of the bonuses of entertaining is having leftovers for lunch the next day. But you and your gourmet fare are overdue for a promotion: no more old margarine tubs toted around in plastic bags. Here are seven stylishly appetizing – not to mention waste-reducing – ways to take your lunch to work or school.

lunch1-150.jpg1 plastic ban Reduce your "forkprint" with Repeat bamboo cutlery sets. Founded by a college student, To-Go Ware encourages on-the-run, earth-friendly convenience. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the carrying cases clip onto backpacks. A colour for everyone in the family!

The Family Fun Pack $55 US per pack of five utensil sets (or $12 US per set), To-Go Ware.

thermos.jpg2 ladies who lunch Unbreakable and lightweight, Thermos flaunts flirty new designs. Warm up with a jar of comforting cream soup (stays hot for five hours) or refresh with a bottle of iced tea (stays cold for 24 hours).

Butterfly Vacuum Insulated Briefcase Food Jar $30, Bottle $35, Canadian Thermos Products.



lunch3-150.jpg3 break time! Stop brown bagging – it's boring and kills trees. Made of oilcloth (think wipeable tablecloths), this sack has a colourful fiesta of fruit and flowers that will definitely pick up the tempo.

Oilcloth lunch bag $16 US, Pearl River Mart.




lunch4-150.jpg4 stack & go Representing the evolution of India's traditional tiffins tiered stainless steel tins that are clamped together for transporting dhal, rice and curry – this eye-popping melamine lunch pail will keep your salads and sweets separate.

Three-layer Square Tiffin lunch box $32 US, Pearl River Mat.


lunch5-150.jpg5 the multitasker The spork – a combo spoon and fork – stashes easily in a desk drawer. One tine even has a serrated edge for cutting. Made in Canada.

Spork $2.50 each, Mountain Equipment Co-op.




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Buying Guides

Lovable lunch accessories