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How to give antiques as wedding gifts

Pick out unique wedding gifts to commemorate a loved one’s special day.

Finding the perfect, unique gift
Toronto PhD student, Nicola Spunt, faced a tough decision. Her oldest friend was getting married and the perfect wedding gift eluded her. She wanted something unique and memorable. But what? For many of us wedding veterans, Spunt’s dilemma inspires empathetic nods. Cash may be king and wedding registries can make life simpler, but sometimes you want your gift to speak unconventionally.  

“I wanted something symbolic and meaningful; that expresses something about our relationship and that’s also suitable as a wedding gift for their relationship,” explains Spunt. She decided on a clock. A timepiece with time a metaphor for the history and longevity of her friendship as well as the beginning of the couple’s life together.

A contemporary clock didn’t project the right image, though, evoking neither the aesthetic nor the symbolism she had in mind. But a Napoleonic antique clock did. After much scouring, Spunt found the perfect one at an antique shop, Antiquités La Maison Bleue, in Piedmont, Que.

Veteran antique dealer Martin Swinton isn’t surprised by Spunt’s decision. “The thing about giving an antique is it’s unique,” he explains. “You can’t go to the local store and find 50 others exactly the same; I think it implies a little more thought.”

Finding the perfect match
Of course, you have to know your audience, cautions Swinton, an antique shop owner for 10 years, now focused on appraisals and estate sales. “Usually people who come in know the person they’re buying for enjoys antiques and collectibles,” he says.

“Even if your tastes run to antiques, it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea,” echoes Spunt. “You have to feel pretty sure it’s going to gel with their tastes.”


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