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Gorgeous gifts under $100

Buying the perfect gift for someone special doesn't have to break the bank. Be inspired by these 10 perfect presents - all under $100!

There’s nothing quite like the squeal of delight – or the unmistaken look of appreciation - on someone’s face when they unwrap your perfectly chosen Christmas gift. What they probably don’t know is that you’ve agonized over finding just the right present within a budget. Even though you’re moved by the spirit of giving, it can be challenging when you have multiple people to buy for. But just like good things come in small packages – thoughtful gifts can come without breaking the bank. Here are 10 gift ideas under $100 that are sure to bring pleasure to those who receive them!

Pure white ceramic vase collection
Vases are one of those things people don’t often buy themselves. Whether for flowers or simply decor, the different shapes in this collection make it fun to mix and match around the house. West Elm, $10.65 - $94.77.
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