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Mother's Day gifts from Style at Home staff

The Style at Home staff reveal what they plan to give mom for Mother's Day this year!

They nurture us, discipline us and, most importantly, love us unconditionally. Our mothers are invaluable and are often the unsung heroes in the stories of our lives. Whether you make her a card, buy her something pretty, or just take the time to call and chat, make sure your mom knows just how important she is to you this Mother's Day. This year, the Style at Home staff share what they are giving their moms and why.

Let us know what you plan on giving your mom this Mother's Day!

Kobo Wireless eReader
"This year, I will be getting my mom a Kobo for Mother's Day. She's an avid reader and passed her love of reading on to me at a very young age. I can recall many of my childhood days spent together with my mom, both of us curled up with a book, devouring stories that intrigued and inspired. When I made the switch from paper books to an e-reader, I wasn't sure how I'd like it - there's something about the tactile nature of flipping pages and the feeling of a book in your hands that I love. But it didn't take long for me to fall hard for my Kobo. It's light, so easy to read (its eInk technology remarkably mimics the look of printed ink on a page) and it can hold up to 1,000 books, making it perfect for travel. I take my Kobo everywhere and I can't wait for my mom to join this reading revolution. I know she'll love it!" - Natalie Bahadur, Senior Editor,, $129.

Feature image courtesy of Indigo.


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