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Holiday book reviews

Check out these 5 holiday books that are perfect for giving as gifts or keeping for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration – or just a budget-friendly stocking stuffer of a book – here are five options guaranteed to offer plenty of ideas for stylish winter living. Best part? From decorating to entertaining, cooking to baking, bartending to gifting, all put a DIY spin on holiday verve. Get ready to be inspired!

For throwing a casual-chic party
French General Handmade Soirées: Simple Projects for Special Occasions
By Kaari Meng, Photos by Jon Zabala
Chronicle Books, $38.95

Who’ll love this gift set: Avid entertainers who actually attach themes to their merry-making – during the holiday season and year-round.

Why: This book takes the guesswork out of throwing (seemingly) effortless get-togethers. From monogrammed napkins to stenciled buckets (for moules frites!) and stacked-vegetable centerpieces, the book gives you the lowdown on how to prop-style like a magazine pro. With recipes, lush photography and back-of-the-book templates, it’s a great resource for hands-on types.

Sample wisdom: Eat a lot of shellfish? Make tea lights by adding wicks and wax to clean, empty oyster and clamshells. They may be tippy, so nestle them in a bed of sand set in a shallow tray or pan.



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