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Shopping: Grab a brew at DavidsTea

DavidsTea is the hottest new tea shop to open up all over Canada.

tea trend Move over, lattes and cappuccinos, there's a hot new bevvy in town. Although it's been around for centuries, tea is experiencing a revival in North America, thanks to specialty tea shops like DavidsTea. With over 150 looseleaf blends available as hot or cold brews, DavidsTea has something for everyone, all contained within laid-back shop environments with a fresh feel. The Canada-wide shops push the community vibe like their coffee counterpart, but adopt a "customer-interaction-keepsthe-business-alive" mantra – 28-year-old founder David Segal even works behind a store counter at least once a month.

a new leaf
"I used to like tea, but now I absolutely love it," says David, who stumbled upon the untapped tea-shop industry after a few stints in unrelated entrepreneurships. "The thing is, tea is really good for you – you're drinking lots of water, flushing out toxins and taking in little to no levels of caffeine," he says. "Plus, if you’re a coffee fiend, we have teas that contain that coffee taste and kick, but lack the calories and jittery side effects of the real thing."

beyond the cup The blends from DavidsTea are great as hot beverages in the winter and iced in the summer, but the company likes to look past the typical teapot. "We have a great martini kit that includes glasses, teas and recipes – just add liquor," David says. Tapping into foodies, the DavidsTea e-newsletter also has recipes for including the blends in baked goods and other dishes. Montreal, Laval, Que., Toronto, Vancouver, 888-873-0006;

davids-tea-martini.jpgDavid's Raspberry Tea Cosmo

- 2 tsp Raspberry Nectar tea
- 1 cup vodka crushed ice
- ½ cup cranberry juice fresh mint

1 Add tea leaves to vodka. Infuse overnight, then strain to remove tea leaves.

2 Shake infusion in a martini shaker with cranberry juice and crushed ice.

3 Strain into chilled martini glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint.


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