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The best summer apps

No matter what your plans, these 10 mobile apps will make it a fabulous summer, wherever you are!

When summer hits and that weather reaches perfection, you find you're always on the go, making plans to enjoy as much of those sunny days as possible. Thankfully, we live in the age of technology that makes it easy to be on-the-go. Whether you're having a backyard bbq, taking a road trip, making memories, or eating out you can just take life as it goes when you have a smartphone. With hundreds of thousands apps to choose from you can easily navigate your summer fun, but we've cut down that list to the essentials. Here are the best nine apps of the season to ensure you've covered all your bases.

Canadian Living
Whether you're hosting dinner parties, looking for a craft project, or just catching up on your reading, the Canadian Living mobile app has it all in the palm of your hand! It's a fantastic resource for the latest, tastiest recipes. Scroll through the Recipe of the Day or check in with the Dinner Club to find the perfect meal. You can even share it with friends and famiy on Facebook and Twitter right from the recipe! Then, when you're ready to relax, scroll through and catch up on the latest lifestyle articles. Visit iTunes to download this app, free.
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