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How to: Make a sheer fabric screen

How to: Make a sheer fabric screen

How to: Make a sheer fabric screen Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

How to: Make a sheer fabric screen

Today's sheer fabrics come in so many breathtaking patterns. They'll inspire you to lighten up for summer in every room in the house—think draperies, tablecloths, cushion covers and more. Style at Home design editor Ann-Marie Favot played up all the beautiful, billowy possibilities in Sheer Beauty (August 2009). Here are her easy instructions for the elegant fabric screen she fashioned for a bedroom, hallway, living area or dressing room.

3/4" x 1½" solid wood (knot-free), amount depends on size of screen you wish to make (see Step 4)
paint (white or desired colour)
4 double-action hinges
hand saw
mitre box
white wood glue
staple gun

1 Determine the height and width of your panels, then cut lengths of wood (using mitre box) at 45-degree angle: for each of 3 panels, you need 2 long pieces (for sides) and 2 short pieces (for top and bottom).

2 Paint all sides of wood; let dry.

3 Fit together mitred corners of top, bottom and side pieces to form 3 rectangular screen panels. Secure corners with white wood glue and nails; you may want to use a clamp to hold the wood together while drying.

4 To determine the fabric measurement, calculate the length and width of one panel, adding three inches to the length and to the width; cut out 3 same-size fabric pieces.

5 Lay one fabric piece, pattern side down, on the floor, then lay one wooden frame on top.

6 Fold fabric up around frame edges, pulling taut, and staple to back side of frame. Continue stapling sides, top and bottom at 2" intervals. Repeat for remaining frames and panel pieces.

7 Trim excess fabric around back edges of frame.

8 Screw double-action hinges into long sides of centre panel frame, 2" from top and bottom, and join to each outside panel, making sure all panel fronts face in same direction.

Fabric: Larry Laslo Perfect Touch in Opal (outside panels) $320 per yard, Lauralyn in Petal (centre panel) $140 per yard, Robert Allen.



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DIY Projects

How to: Make a sheer fabric screen