Organizing Ideas

Jewelry organizers: Your solutions

Jewelry organizers: Your solutions

Jewelry organizers: Your solutions Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

Jewelry organizers: Your solutions

We asked our readers to submit their most stylish storage ideas for their precious baubles and were overwhelmed with responses. If you're looking for new and creative ways to display and organize your earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches then you'll love these jewelry organizer ideas. 

1 I use a jewlery pouch with anti-tarnish properties to it. There are separate compartments for tiny earrings that tend to get lost and straps to attach longer necklaces. It keeps everything separate and makes sure that my jewelry is shiny and not a tangled mess. I love it! Elizabeth

2 Buy two jewelry boxes, one for precious jewelry and one for costume jewelry. I like the acrylic organizers; they are extremely sturdy and are perfect to store and organize jewelry because you can quickly see what you have. Louise

3 I use a selection of decorative boxes in different sizes, stacked on top of my dresser. The big one I use for throwing in my big bangles, another for my chunky necklaces, etc. All my delicate jewelry and more expensive stuff I keep in a special small case. The things that I don’t wear on a regular basis I keep in small clear baggies within the boxes. That way they all stay untangled, paired together and clean. Plus, the clear plastic makes it easier to quickly see each piece. Rumiko

4 I use a jewelry tree which organizes my chains, bracelets, watches etc. Marsha

5 I have a wooden key rack hung in my closet. It's perfect for hanging up my necklaces and makes it quick to see what I have and to decide which one to wear! Evelyn

6 I took plain cardboard boxes and covered and lined them with a velvet-like material and then placed pieces of glass (which I got free from a local window door place) over top. This way I can see what I have and not forget my favourite pieces of jewelry. Leigh

7 I use small film canisters for necklaces. I poke a hole through the top for fine chains and pull them though to avoid tangles. Roxy

8 I use a branch from our Mayflower tree to display and hang my necklaces and bracelets. The branch is inserted into a favourite narrow neck vase. My extra earrings are kept in a shallow bowl that shares the same design as the vase. The vignette is pretty on my dresser. A mirror reflects the image of the branch and just all of it makes me smile. Lianna

9 Drape a long string of pearls or a ribbon across the top of your mirror and hang your earrings in the gaps of the pearls or poke them through the ribbon. Linda

10 Use a corkboard with pins on it, and hang the earrings and necklaces off the pins. Or if you are feeling crafty you can decorate the frame of your corkboard - remove the actual cork inside the frame, then paint the frame and add some little decorations like sequins, beads, lace, ribbon, etc. Staple a piece of mesh (tulle fabric or mesh from your hardware store) to the frame to hold lots of earrings. Linda

11 I got decorative boxes from Michaels and put my rings, necklaces, pendants and pins in separate boxes. I also put each item in little velvet jewelry bags so they stay neat. Lilac

I have a plastic 12-compartment shoe bag on the inside of my clothes closet. It is then easy to match necklaces, etc to the outfit I am wearing. Dzidra

13 I use a bear and a cat which sit on my dresser and wear my everyday necklaces and bracelets so I can easily see them and choose what I want that day. Patricia

14 I use clear plastic fishing tackle boxes. I have one with small compartments for earrings and rings. The other one has adjustable compartments that I use for bracelets and necklaces. Tricia

15 A swivel tie rack works for me. Anne

16 I use plastic bead organizers with attached lids for the small stuff. Pat

17 I have an old armoire in my bedroom which has a small side cubby. I have sticky hooks stuck on the inside walls of this cubby and I hang all my necklaces there. I have an ice cube tray in my dresser drawer and I have put all my earrings in this to keep them from getting lost. I also have a regular wooden jewelry box on a dresser to keep any mementoes I have. Laurie

18 I have a used antique armoire with five drawers that I have dedicated to my costume jewelry collection. I have sectioned each drawer by jewelry type: bangles/bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches etc. Anna

19 I bought a beautiful mirrored, bevelled box at HomeSense (very reasonable) - looks lovely and I keep all my silver in that box. I have a collectors plate, given to me by my mother years ago and I display my gold jewelery on that. No messy bags to open, easy to see each piece for quick access and it looks lovely on the antique plate. Lauren

20 I have so much jewelry that a few years ago my husband got me one of those furniture sized chests (about 4 feet tall). So there are 2 side panels for all my hanging chains and 5 various depth drawers for the rest. I use mini zip baggies to separate pairs of earrings, ankle bracelets and brooches. Larger pieces stay in cotton lined boxes. Bracelets are lined up flat in one drawer. Lisa

21 I have an open, wooden, pine shelving unit which I purchased from IKEA, and under each shelf, I screwed in white and gold, heavy duty cup holders. So, at a glance, I can see all of my necklaces. Sandra

22 I bought an Umbra metal bulletboard and used the tacks to hang necklaces and the holes for all of my fishhook type earrings. The silver metal makes it sleek and modern and with it hung in my bedroom now I can see all my choices when I am getting ready. Lori

23 I have many flask-like glass vases around my house so I drape necklaces over the vases - I rotate through the different necklaces I have. It adds a nice sparkling touch of colour. Nima

24 My husband made me a cute little pegboard with different little wooden caricatures above each peg. It sorts and holds all of my necklaces, bracelets and anklets and hangs just above my jewel box,which holds the rest! Lynette

25 I lived in Japan for a while, and have a collection of beautiful sake cups. Not being a big fan of sake, I luckily have found another use for these beautiful works of art. Since the cups have thin edges, I hang my earrings off the side, and use the inside to store rings and bracelets. I have a couple stacked, as well. I love that I now have a use for these beautiful cups, and they are no longer hiding in a cupboard. Shannon

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Organizing Ideas

Jewelry organizers: Your solutions