Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the home office

Small space: Organizing the home office

Small space: Organizing the home office Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the home office

Getting organized in a small space is one of those elusive goals – always looming, but difficult to really find the time. Here, we share stylish ideas and innovative clutter busters for a hot spot of mismanagement: the home office.
Shelf life

Free up desk space with this shelf, which has brackets that mount directly on your desk.

Laptop zone
A laptop landing zone needn’t look like a drab office cubicle. When office essentials are on display, choose ones that are attractive as well as functional. organizing-home-office-hiddendep.jpg
Hidden depths

Stash receipts or chargers for your electronics in pencil or cosmetic cases. Choose a bright colour that will stand out in your handbag. organizing-home-office-blotter.jpg
DIY desk blotter

Create a pretty desk blotter in a flash with a wallpaper remnant secured to a desktop with sticky tack. Embellish the pattern with your own doodles. Discard and replace when needed. organizing-home-office-writestuf.jpg
The write stuff

Even writing implements deserve to be styled beautifully. Store each item in its own container so you get exactly what you need when you reach for it – no fishing around only to grab a red marker when you need a black pen. organizing-home-office-notetosel.jpg
Note to self

Dry-erase markers are a list maker’s best friend, and they work on any glass or mirrored surface. Store them near the mirror in the front entryway or bathroom – you can jot reminders (or love notes) on it. organizing-home-office-ribbon.jpg
Ribbon stack

Here’s an easy-peasy way to store and display ribbon: Stack rolls on a side plate and thread a dowel through the centre of each to hold them in place. organizing-home-office-manual.jpg
Manual labour

Stash appliance manuals in binders. Use a different-colour binder for each room. Place smaller manuals in plastic sleeves. organizing-home-office-shredit.jpg
Shred it

Skip the standard-issue plastic blue bin for paper recycling. Shred important papers and put them in a recyclable shopping bag from a chic boutique. When it’s full, take the whole thing out for recycling.

Now that your small space is organized, find out how to get great home office design.


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Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the home office