How to: Renovate your laundry room

How to: Renovate your laundry room

How to: Renovate your laundry room Author: Style At Home


How to: Renovate your laundry room

Doing laundry isn’t a fun activity for most, but that doesn’t mean the laundry room should be ignored when renovating your home. If it’s well designed, it can be so convenient and efficient, you’ll be wishing you had more dirty clothes!
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Planning your layout
Everyone meticulously plans their kitchen and bathroom layouts, and it’s just as important to do so in a laundry room. It requires plumbing, venting and electrical, so taking the time to create a floor plan is crucial. Make sure you know where your vents and valves need to go. And remember, front-loading machines are designed to have the washer on the left and the dryer on the right. Place them the other way and you’ll be reaching awkwardly.

If you’re short on space, have your laundry room double as a storage area or mud room, based on its location and your needs. it may be as easy as adding more cabinets and counter space or installing an extra-large sink. the laundry room is built for function above all else, so think about multi-tasking when planning your layout.

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Laundry room location
Gone are the days when doing laundry was relegated to a dark, damp corner in the basement. If you have the space to move your laundry room to the main or second floor, do it! Not only will it be more convenient for you but it will also be a huge bonus for potential buyers. If you don’t have a room to dedicate to laundry, consider sacrificing a linen closet and installing a compact, stackable unit.

Choosing the right machine
There are plenty of options when it comes to washing machines. Here are some pointers to help you decide which is best for you.

Top loaders
PRO: Least expensive option.
CON: Use the most energy and have a small capacity.

High-efficiency top loaders
PRO: Use less energy than traditional top loaders.
CON: Can cost as much as a front loader but with less capacity.

Front loaders
PRO: Most efficient in energy and water consumption; come in a variety of colours and styles.
CON: Can be very expensive information.

Wash/dry combo units

PRO: Space-saving; great for cottages or long-term rentals.
CON: Very small capacity; expensive.


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How to: Renovate your laundry room