How to: Wash shower curtain liners

How to: Wash shower curtain liners

Learn how to properly clean your shower curtain liners. 

Author: Ryan Brook


How to: Wash shower curtain liners

Our resourceful research editor, Mary Levitski, shows you how to wash your plastic shower curtain liner (yes, you can launder it).



Cleaning steps:

1 Remove the plastic shower curtain liner and place it in your washing machine. Along with your regular laundry detergent, add 1 cup of baking soda, 10 drops of tea tree oil and two towels (bath mats with a terry texture will work, too). Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. As the detergent and soda’s cleaning capacities and the tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties go into action, the towels will softly scrub the liner’s surface and cushion it from damage.

2 Remove the liner from the washing machine and hang it back up on the shower curtain rod to dry. (Put the towels through the dryer as you normally would.)

3 To maintain a clean liner, wash it every three months or so. In the meantime, to slow mould and mildew buildup, always pull the curtain shut after you’re done showering to give it ample breathing room to dry quickly.



Stylish solution
Removing and replacing your liner can be an awkward job. Simplify it by using shower curtain hooks like the Moda Annex Double Roller ( Hudson’s Bay, $16 per set of 12). Two prongs separate the liner and curtain.



Spritz your shower curtain liner with one of these aromatic leave-on sprays as you step out of the bath to keep it cleaner longer.

Eucalyptus Mint
Boasting cradle to cradle’s Gold certification for its focus on the health of people and the planet, this product will infuse your shower with minty freshness. Method Daily shower cleaner, $5.

Citrus Zest
Montreal-based EcoLogo-certified brand Attitude offers cleaning products like this zesty spray that are free of any known carcinogens. Daily shower cleaner, $6, Attitude.

Green Mandarin & Leaf
Scented using essential oils and botanical extracts, this voc-free formula won’t compromise air quality. Natural shower cleaner, $4, Seventh Generation.

Tip: For an extra cleansing boost, keep a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar among your toiletries and mist the liner during your daily shower. Just rinse it off before you exit.




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How to: Wash shower curtain liners