Sarah Richardson's paint line

Sarah Richardson's paint line

Sarah Richardson's paint line Author: Style At Home


Sarah Richardson's paint line

It’s a match made in design heaven. We associate Canadian TV design star Sarah Richardson with colour for good reason -- it gives her unique, signature rooms their verve and style. She uses colour fearlessly and instinctively to create awe-inspiring rooms and hopes to inspire us to do the same with a line of paint she’s developed with Canada’s Para Paints. Whether we want a space that’s cool and calm, energetic and invigorating, simple or sophisticated, we can have it -- Sarah style. Sarah says colour is the easiest way to achieve dramatic results and with her sumptuous paint line of rich, timeless colours to inspire us, now’s the time to start.  

sarah-richardson-paint-living.jpg The bright spring-like colours in Sarah's living room take inspiration from two of her favourite paintings.

Style at Home Why did you create a line with Para Paints? 
Sarah Richardson
Para and I started working together when I was shooting Season 3 of Sarah's House. I loved their collection, and felt they approached paint and design in much the same way I do. Plus, I'm a proud Canadian and love working with a Canadian brand.

S@H Why 75 colours?
Most collections offer over 2,000 colours, which is just overwhelming for consumers -- 75 offers just the right amount of choice, without duplication or confusion.

S@H How did you know when a colour was right?  How did it speak to you?
I've used almost all of the colours in the collection so there's been lots of editing. A lot of testing, sampling, and thought went into the selection process.

S@H Was there an overall philosophy?
I wanted colours that were truly usable and would produce winning results every time. Instead of selecting trendy, fashion-based shades, I went with my signature palette and created a colour collection that would work in combination. I love many colours layered together in a home and wanted to ensure that consumers would have no trouble mixing and matching my colours for their own homes.

S@H You have just repainted your home interior with the paints.  What kinds of ambience did you want overall?
SR I wanted bright, spring-y, exuberant, happy colour. My life these days is really hectic, and family life is busy. I need my home to be joyful, lighthearted and youthful -- with all the colour I've added, it certainly is!


sarah-richardson-paint-kitchen.jpg Sarah used a vibrant sapphire blue paint in the kitchen to offset the pale floors and cabinets.

S@H Did you have any specific instructions for Para regarding the feel, texture, and sustainability of the paint?
Not at all -- they make fabulous paint and are exceptionally good at what they do. All I had to do was pick my palette and we were off to the races!

S@H Decorating with colour is a minefield -- people are afraid of it. Any calming words of advice?
Look at the tips on the back of every chip -- I hope it will offer some calming words of wisdom and advice.

S@H Colour seems to be the key to successful design.  How can we develop our colour eye?
Look at fabrics and beautiful patterns for colour inspiration. Once you start doing this you'll become aware of exceptionally interesting combinations of colours that you might not have considered previously.

S@H We often hear about the psychology of colour – what’s your take?
Surround yourself with what makes you happy and what you are drawn to. Don't decorate for trends -- simply create a home that's a personal reflection of your own style and sense of self.


sarah-richardson-paint-bedroom.jpg Sarah went for a preppy Palm Beach look in the bedroom with pink and green walls and a powder pink ceiling.

S@H Have you ever had a colour disaster?
Who hasn't? I've had too many to list, but that’s the beauty of paint -- a fresh coat in a different colour and the disaster becomes a distant memory.

S@H What are your five TOP tips for choosing colour to create the environment you want?
SR 1 Think about how you want to feel in a room and the mood you want to create. Do you want to be stimulated or are you seeking a calming environment?
Always go two shades lighter and two shades "muddier" than the colour you think you want. Colour intensifies once on four walls!
Never overlook the ceiling. It's a wonderful place to add a delicate hint of colour and will add interest to the room.
4 Never use a single colour for an open concept home. You can break colour and introduce a new shade anywhere that two walls meet, and you won't regret breaking out of the builder's beige mould.
5 Always keep the direction of light in the room in mind when deciding on a colour direction. Warm colours are best in North and East rooms and cool colours when facing South and West (blue in a North room can be chilly, and yellows in sunny South rooms can be dazzling and overpowering).

S@H What are your five favourite colours and why?
Just five? Narrowing it down to 75 was agonizing! 

S@H You’re presently shooting Design 101 – what’s that in a nutshell?
It's a back to basics decorating show focusing on the building blocks of design that aims to help viewers achieve winning results at home.

Your career and popularity are taking off at breakneck speed.  How does it feel?
Busy and exciting! There's never time to sit back and reflect on the last project as we're usually diving headlong into the next one, but having the opportunity to offer ideas and inspiration through our work while experimenting creatively is very rewarding. I'm blessed to have built my career doing what I'm most passionate about.

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Sarah Richardson's paint line