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10 small space storage solutions

10 small space storage solutions

10 small space storage solutions Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

10 small space storage solutions

Innovative storage solutions to keep your small space organized.

Small space living is becoming more and more common, especially in larger cities. And it also offers some styling conundrums. It takes a lot of creativity to decorate a small space to make it feel both cozy and warm, but still spacious enough to not feel closed in or confined. One of the keys to keeping a small space beautifully designed, but not empty? Storage. Small spaces rarely come with ample storage space on its own or built in, so suddenly style needs to also mean innovative ways to store items and keep things organized and never cluttered. Here are 10 items to help you get your small space organized, decluttered and offer loads of storage space.


1 For your clothes
Small studio spaces often don’t come with much in the way of closet space. Hang your best on this moveable garment rack for easy access and to keep things tidy. Crate and Barrel, $219.29


2 More closet space
For even more room for your garments and accessories, a built-in closet allows you to fill it up, and then neatly close the doors to hide any unsightly clutter. IKEA, $505.75.


3 A spot for your books, remotes and more
It’s easy for the living area to look unorganized with electronic remotes, coasters for drinks, and magazines and books. Tuck everything away at the end of each day with a coffee table with built in storage units. West Elm, $578.23. 


4 Kitchen storage
Pots, pans, bowls, bottles… it could all be stored in this cage cabinet – making it easy to see everything inside while offering extra space if your kitchen cabinets are small. An added bonus? This also looks chic in the dining area as well. Pottery Barn, $1,918.03.



5 More than a TV stand
If you have space to have a TV unit in your home, make the most of it. Opt for one that has ample storage space for games, books, DVDs and more. Ethan Allen, $519.


6 The trunk
Throw blankets, pillows and any extras can all be stored in a rustic-looking trunk. It can also double as an extra seat, coffee table or fit at the foot of your bed for extra clothes. Pier 1, $199.95.


7 The desk saver
Keep clips, USB keys, car keys and other small items hidden and organized with a spindle storage box. Perfect for corralling bits and bobs on your office desk or entryway. You can use it on your vanity for small jewellery items, too. Umbra, $30.


8 Get more out of your bed
Rather than just shoving items under your bed, find a bed frame with built in drawers that can take the place of a full dresser. IKEA, $449.


9 Opt for baskets
You can never go wrong with a selection of baskets in various sizes. Store kitchen items, bathroom necessities, extra clothes, or throws next to the sofa – the possibilities are endless. Restoration Hardware, $79-$199. 


10 Keep drawers organized
Kitchen drawers are notorious for being cluttered and messy. A knife organizer keeps them off your counter, and stored safely in a drawer without all the mess. Williams-Sonoma, $65.63.


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Organizing Ideas

10 small space storage solutions