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Garden design and decor

garden-design-tips-serene.jpg Garden design: Serene Georgian-style garden
Home-owners Ric and Shirley Riordon's serene garden compliments their Georgian-style home's architecture and woodsy setting.

garden-design-tips-urban.jpg Garden design: Modern, urban teen retreat
Award-winning British landscape designer Mark Gregory and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver create the perfect open-air pad for teens.

garden-oasis-MEDIUM.jpg Garden design: Contemporary outdoor oasis
A neglected backyard is transformed into a contemporary oasis with a masterful mix of materials, plants and outdoor elegance.

garden-musts-MEDIUM.jpg 15 garden must-haves
Gear up with these 15 essentials for creating your own gorgeous garden.

garden-design-sophisticated-outd.jpg Garden design: Sophisticated outdoor style
Transform your backyard into a fab and functional space and enjoy outdoor living at its finest.

garden-room-low-MEDIUM.jpg High/low: Grand garden room
You can create a gorgeous garden room without spending too much green.

garden-design-escape-the-city.jpg Garden design: Escape the city
This garden in Vancouver takes summer living completely outdoors.

garden-summer-ready-outdoor-summ.jpg Summer-ready outdoor decor
Make your home and garden look chic in the heat with these 10 summer outdoor decor essentials.

garden-dreamydrapes-med.jpg Garden party chic
10 garden-party must-haves for a simple -- and splendid -- summer outdoor affair.

garden-lizprimeau-MEDIUM.jpg Inside design: Liz Primeau
We talk to author and green thumb Liz Primeau about what's new in gardens and her 6 steps of the growing gardener.

gardenbooks-med.jpg Great gardening books
Get inspired with these books that’ll motivate you to get outside and in the garden.

garden-brighten-up-your-garden.jpg Brighten up your garden
We show you how carefully chosen lighting can transform a garden.

garden-secretgardenmain-227.jpg The secret garden
Tucked away in downtown Montreal, a homeowner's English country garden springs to life every year.

garden-balconygarden-MEDIUM.jpg Planning a balcony garden
If you don't have a backyard, your balcony can still be home to a gorgeous garden. Here are 10 things to consider before you get started.

garden-Margot-Austin-design-ques.jpg Design solutions from Margot Austin
Do you have a garden decor question? Need help deciding on colours for the exterior of your home? Ask senior design editor Margot Austin.

garden-P-Allen-Smith-MED.jpg Inside design: P. Allen Smith
The green thumb author shares his formula for designing great garden rooms.

garden-outdoorrooms-MEDIUM.jpg Design lesson: Outdoor rooms
Extend the season as long as possible by incorporating these great ideas into your garden room.

garden-urbangarden-MEDIUM.jpg Urban garden fix-up
A homeowner finds out how to make her outdoor space beautiful.

garden-colour-your-gardenmain.jpgColour your garden
Stimulate your senses and bring your garden to life with brilliant colour combinations.

garden-retreats-main.jpg Design lesson: Garden retreats
What would you do with an additional 100 square feet of living space?


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Garden design and decor