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12 pretty Christmas cards

12 pretty Christmas cards

12 pretty Christmas cards Author: Style At Home

Buying Guides

12 pretty Christmas cards

1 This stylish letterpress ornament card can also be used to decorate the Christms tree.
$16 US per set of 6, LouellaPress on Etsy.

2 Chartreuse is the hottest colour this holiday season, and this pear greeting card ends that message out loud and clear. $16 per box of 8, Paper E. Clips.

3 Send a holiday hello with a textured twist -- the tree on these Christmas cards are made of fabric. $10 US for a set of 8, from Lockette on Etsy.

4 Create a custom card set with these letterpressed beauties. Prices depend on custom order, Elum.



5 Paper maven Snow & Graham created a way to say 'Happy Holidays' with a modern look.
$14 US per set of 6, Luxe Paperie.

6 Traditional design combines with modern values -- this letterpressed Christmas card is printed on high-quality paper that's produced with 30% post-comsumer waste. $20 per pack of 8 cards, Paper E. Clips.

7 A simple holiday message is jazzed up with a beautiful letterpressed pattern. $28 US per set of 12, VandaliaStreetPress on Etsy.

8 Treat friends and family to a fun Christmas greeting with this adorable kissing pigs holiday card. $14 US per set of 6, Linda & Harriett.


9 This truly orignal holiday card is printed on 100% recycled paper with a faux walnut wood look -- plus, you can personalize the inside message. Prices depend on custom order, Night Owl Press.

10 Save a stamp by sending this lovely card for two holidays. $4 per single card, $12 per box of 10, Paper E. Clips.

11 Check out nostalgia at its best -- a Christmas card that brings back memories of cutting down the tree and strapping it to the top of a 1972 Beetle. $3.50, In-Vita Paper Studio on Supermarket.

12 Small cards can still carry big sentiments -- attach one of these cute mini cards to your gifts.
$2 US per set of 3, PaperheartsCardCo on Etsy.



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Buying Guides

12 pretty Christmas cards