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Buying guide: Toss cushions

Buying guide: Toss cushions

Buying guide: Toss cushions Author: Style At Home

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Buying guide: Toss cushions

Cushions can add so much depth, colour and texture to a room. A standard couch is uplifted with a few selected toss cushions in the latest trendy shade. A chair can be made more feminine with soft, ruffled cushions, and a bed more inviting covered with a multitude of plush cushions.

Not only are toss cushions a great way to mix and match trends in your home (you can easily move them from the living room couch, to a reading chair to the bedroom), but they are inexpensive and super comfy. Here are our top picks for pretty toss cushions to decorate with.

10 pretty toss cushions

1 Play with patterns
Adding a full-out pattern to a room with a larger piece of furniture (say a couch or chair), can be daring and overwhelming. Instead, opt for a bold coloured pattern in a toss cushion to add interest and personality. Dwell Studio, $98.

2 Bring the outdoors in

We’re loving this blue heron print pillow. Picture it on a cozy chaise, lounge chair, or reading chair in a sunroom with a cup of tea. It also makes a lovely addition to a cottage, or any space to which you want to add a slightly nautical feel. Shades of Lights, $195. buying-toss-cushion-floorpillow.jpg
3 Think about a floor pillow

Pillows and cushions aren’t just for tossing on furniture. An oversized cushion thrown on the floor makes a space feel warm and inviting – and also adds more sitting options in the room. Crate and Barrel, $49.76. buying-toss-cushion-texture.jpg
4 Add some texture

Texture is one of those things that can elevate the style in your room and create depth. We love the colour of this twisted paper yarn that mixes light and dark strands crocheted into a great neutral throw pillow. Pottery Barn, $64.64. buying-toss-cushion-nuetral.jpg
5 Opt for a neutral with interest

You can always add pops of colour to a room with cushions, but for an everyday standard that you know will not go out of style, opt for a cushion that comes in a neutral hue, but with a touch of character. This cushion, made to look like an old cloth sack, with a vintage print will do just that. Restoration Hardware, $44. buying-toss-cushion-art.jpg
6 Add a bit of art

Use your cushions as an opportunity to add some art into your room. We love the colours and patterns of these cushions designed by painter Leah Durner – perfect for spicing up your bedroom with an artistic touch. West Elm, $40.48.   buying-toss-cushion-glam2.jpg
7 Bring on the glam

Not all pillows are meant for sleeping on. Some are meant to look pretty, and this is one of them. Make any room or space ultra-feminine with this glittery, reflective toss cushion. Indigo, $39.50. buying-toss-cushion-supersoft.jpg
8 A super soft pillow

We dare you to buy this and not want to hold it all the time. Incredibly soft lamb’s wool not only makes this a pillow you’ll want to cuddle with, but it also adds loads of texture to your sofa, chair or bed. We’ll take three, please. Horchow, $170. buying-toss-cushion-decorative2.jpg
9 A decorative throw cushion

Add some interest and colour with this simple throw cushion. This sporty, casual design with buttons can dress down any room and make it feel comfy and inviting. The Bay, $60. buying-toss-cushion-masculine2.jpg
10 Add a masculine touch

Just like you can make any room feel more feminine with frills and pastels, you can do the same when it comes to masculine design. Choose a medium sized pillow in rich, luxe leather and in a masculine colour and you’re set. Horchow, $170.


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Buying Guides

Buying guide: Toss cushions