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10 ways to blend your home theatre with your decor

10 ways to blend your home theatre with your decor

10 ways to blend your home theatre with your decor Author: Style At Home

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10 ways to blend your home theatre with your decor

Whatever your budget, whatever size room, integrating a home theatre system into your space can be a design challenge. Too often we associate big screen TVs with sports, beer and warn-out recliners. If you like watching TV and curling up on the couch to watch a movie, then embrace your home theatre and get ready to tackle this decorating dilemma.

We asked Kevin Andrews, the product manager for consumer electronics at Sharp, for the latest tips on what to consider when shopping or installing a new home theatre system. Follow his guidelines and the only thing you and your family will be fighting over is the remote!

1 Buy the right size TV for your space
A simple guideline is to multiply the dimension of the TV you are considering by two and a half to find the best viewing distance. If you have a 42-inch TV, place your couch about nine feet back.

2 Mount the television on the wall
Think about hiring a professional to mount the TV and go the extra mile by having them hide all the wires in the wall. Not only will this save space, but you also won’t be staring at 15 wires running around the contour of your room.

3 Pick the best spot in the room for your TV
With today’s picture quality, you no longer need to place your TV out of direct light. Sharp TVs, for example, absorb 98.5 percent of the light and virtually eliminate any glare. Choose the spot you thing works best in your room and avoid having the television be the first thing you see when you walk in.

4 Is black really the only option?
Some models on the market do come in different colours, but as Kevin explains, consumer research shows that we find black TVs to be the most appealing.  We have seen silver TVs come and go, but now piano black finishes offer a sophisticated look that complements most rooms.

5 Look for TVs that have an angled edge
The picture frame design has a reflective quality and helps pick up the paint colour on your wall,


Now that you’ve decided on your TV and the rest of your electronics, it’s time to decorate. These five ideas from Style at Home design editor, Ann Marie Favot, will get your media room looking like the comfortable and stylish space you always imagined.

1 Hang curtains
Not only will curtains help insulate the sound, but think about how luscious velvet drapes will add that posh theatre look and feel.

2 Invest in a sideboard
Here is where you can add a vintage touch to the room by finding a teak sideboard, which you can find at most antiques stores. Hide the Blu-ray player, the receiver and all your DVDs behind the sliding doors.

3 Get organized
When remotes aren’t in use, store them in a storage box. Semikolon home accessories come in an array of colours and options.

4 Paint your wall whatever shade you like
White walls won’t influence the picture quality since most TVs (whatever colour) have a black outline inside the frame to help our eyes focus on the image.

5 Find the right couch
Look for a sofa that has a formal structure yet is comfortable enough for movie-time lounging.


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10 ways to blend your home theatre with your decor