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6 great office gadgets

6 great office gadgets

6 great office gadgets Author: Style At Home

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6 great office gadgets

officegadget1.jpgPROBLEM Loads of photos and music files make your desktop computer run at a snail's pace.

SOLUTION Transfer all your images and media to LaCie's Golden Disk external hard drive. It holds one terabyte (TB) of information, which is equal to 1,000 GB. Plus, this stunner adds a little bling to your desktop!

$240, La Cie,


officegadget2.jpgPROBLEM Need multiple outlets but don't want to use an unattractive power bar?

SOLUTION Belkin comes to the rescue with this compact surge protector with three AC outlets. To charge your handhelds, just plug them into the two USB ports built into the side.

$25, Belkin,

officegadget3.jpgPROBLEM Your built-in computer speaker doesn't play music loudly or well, but your desk is too small for a speaker system.

SOLUTION From the masters of sexy audio equipment comes the iSongbook. With a flip-down iPod dock and a detachable speaker, this beauty fits even the smallest of workspaces.

$480, Tivoli Audio,


officegadget4.jpgPROBLEM In order to transport a large amount of data, you’d have to buy multiple USB keys.

SOLUTION The sleek, stylish My Passport Essential portable hard drive is big on data storage yet small enough to fit in your back pocket or purse.

From $130 250 GB), Western Digital,

officegadget5.jpgPROBLEM You have many devices that need to be hooked up to your computer at the same time.

SOLUTION Be at the forefront of geek couture with the cutting-edge LaCie Hub USB 2.0. Connect up to seven gadgets to its flexible USB wires for less cable clutter and a workspace that combines your fave tech goodies and cool design.

$65, La Cie,


officegadget6.jpgPROBLEM Cellphone, iPod and digital camera take up precious desk space?

Store your tech-cessories vertically – this wall organizer holds your handhelds in pockets made entirely of recycled wool felt.



$70 US, MIO,


Main image courtesy of West Elm.


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Tech & Gadgets

6 great office gadgets