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Hotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design

Hotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design

Hotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design Author: Style At Home

Hotel Style

Hotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design

One look at the Lallier room in Vienna's Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design and you'd never know you were standing in a building that dates back to 1890.

A bold statement in modern design, the room makes a toast to champagne -- the colour, that is. You'll find creamy champagne whites with streamlined furniture and an enveloping mural of monochromatic swirls on the walls, floor and ceiling. There are felt-lined window coverings with swirled cutouts to match and recessed lighting creates pretty focal points in alcoves that function as shelving. Clean, smooth lines and a feeling of warmth and openness characterize the space.

Intricate artwork and warm whites
Austrian architect Manfred Katslinger from Salzburg, is the man behind the interior design at Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design. An expert in hotel and restaurant architecture, he also designed the nationally renowned Plachutta restaurants, famous for its boiled beef.

According to hotel manager Martina Poll, it took seven weeks for painters to freehand the artsy designs in the champagne-themed room. The effect is a light and bubbly design with a soothing tone-on-tone colour palette. Accent lighting that highlights alcoves creates a cozy, intimate feeling and Italian designer Gaetano Pesce's Feltri chair adds comfy seating and a splash of colour to the otherwise monochromatic room.

Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design
The Lallier room, dedicated to France's Lallier champagne, is one of 39 suites in the Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design, a unique and captivating hotel in the heart of Vienna.

Thirty-seven rooms are dedicated to wines and these rooms typically feature warm white interiors, uncluttered open spaces and medium- to dark-wood tones framing beds and lining walls. There's also a loft-style penthouse suite, the Atelier, on the fifth floor, boasting ample space and a private terrace.

Toasting Austria’s winemakers
Each room's name -- and featured winery -- is cleverly displayed on the entrance door, marked on a blown-up wine label. Displayed on the walls in the rooms, you'll find portraits of the honoured winemaker's family, their wine cellars and vineyards. "So there's a personal connection to the winery," Poll explains.

Applying the wine concept to the hotel's rooms began when hotel's owner and manager, Poll, asked local winemakers if they wanted to lend their names to the rooms. Thirty-three winemakers signed on immediately, Poll says, and the concept has been so successful that today, there's a waiting list for winemakers who aspire to see their label marking the entrance to a suite in Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design.

No detail is spared
Before opening on May 3, 2004, the building that today houses the Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design was a residential home, then a Christian hospital and then it was a hotel again before new owners Petra and Klaus Fleischhaker transformed it into its current contemporary glory. The Fleischhakers are also owners of an award-winning restaurant so they're no strangers to serving up top-quality service in a pleasurable environment. These standards of grand hospitality extend to their hotel's philosophy, and no detail is spared.

On bathroom shelves, red-toned shampoo and white body lotion represent Austria's red and white wines. A sticker in the shape of a wine bottle adds a stylish detail to an otherwise ordinary roll of bathroom tissue. In-room bars are stocked with the featured winemaker's wines for guest to enjoy after of a day of exploring Vienna.

Explore Austria’s wines
Head to the front desk where you can ask helpful staff to help you plan a trip to a local winery. Neighbouring the front desk, there's a wine lounge where you can sample local wine and the hotel's Winemaker of the Month selection. An impressive breakfast buffet features fresh fruits, cold cuts, breads, desserts and cheese.

A model of modern elegance in the heart of Vienna, Hotel Rathaus Wine and Design delivers the right combination of cool decor and warm hospitality. Design enthusiasts, business travellers and wine lovers alike can appreciate the unique beauty and charm of this hotel. For room rates and more, visit the Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design website.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design; Lallier room photo by Petr Blaha.

Jennifer Melo is the editor of She's eternally grateful to the pastry chef who made the mini éclairs she enjoyed at Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design's breakfast buffet, before heading out to explore Vienna's historic delights.



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Hotel Style

Hotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design