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10 autumn accessories

10 autumn accessories

10 autumn accessories Author: Style At Home

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10 autumn accessories

Fall has arrived and you might be asking yourself, “did we ever really have a summer?” Despite the unpredictable and unseasonal weather of months past, the recognizable signs of the changing seasons are getting clearer – crisp, cool mornings, shorter days and leaves changing colour are all reasons to embrace autumn and all it has to offer.

Spending a day outside at this time of year is filled with unique opportunities — long walks to admire the changing scenery, a trip to an orchard for locally grown apples ready for picking, or raking leaves with the family, creating perfect piles to jump right in to. After spending a day outdoors, make sure your home is equally ready to embrace the change. Simple additions to your décor make the looming cold weather months less daunting and time spent indoors an experience worth celebrating.

Style at Home design editor Ann Marie Favot offers up 10 simple and affordable solutions for warming up your home this fall.

1 Look at bringing texture into your space. Think of wool, velvet or faux fur to add layers.

Bring out the candles. If you don’t have a fireplace, candles are the ideal way to set the mood. Ann Marie loves grouping three candles together on her favourite vintage tray.

3 Switch out your voile curtains for heavier drapes. Choosing a velvet curtain will not only add depth to your living space, but will also help keep out drafts.

4 Get a down duvet. A feather duvet will keep you much warmer and allow you to turn down the heat a degree or two at night.

5 Think about dried flowers this season. Take those beautiful hydrangeas indoors and dry them for blooms that will last all winter—a perfect alternative to the usual bowl of decorative pinecones.6 Indulge in a cashmere throw. What better way to get cosy than by wrapping yourself in a lush blanket. If you are looking for an easy-care alternative to cashmere, think about a fleece or cotton blanket that can be machine-washed and tumble dried.

Add cushions for instant effect. This season, look for deep plum or cinnamon-coloured cushions with a decorative pattern. Seasonal cushion covers store easily in a drawer or linen closet.

8 Think about painting one accent wall. Choose a shade that will complement the rest of your space, but will add a little drama. Ann Marie’s favourite shades for the season are Santropol (FD017), Porcupine Quill (FD025) and Billy Goat (FD034) from the Home & Country line by Beauti-Tone.

Put down an area rug. No one likes cold feet, and a wool rug will definitely make your space feel more cosy. Ann Marie recommends natural fibre rugs for easier care.

10 Don’t forget your artwork. Frame photos of your summer vacation. Every time you look at that photo of the warm, sandy beach or of that sunset you enjoyed on a hot, humid evening at the cottage, it will remind you that summer is just around the corner.


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Accessories & Furnishings

10 autumn accessories