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10 Etsy Christmas ornaments we love

10 Etsy Christmas ornaments we love

10 Etsy Christmas ornaments we love Author: Style At Home

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10 Etsy Christmas ornaments we love

Etsy is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to finding unique items for your home. This online marketplace offers gorgeous handmade items from artisans around the world and we love their selection of Christmas ornaments. This season, trim your Christmas tree with beautiful pieces you’ll treasure for years to come. 


1 Felted acorns
The best ornaments are multifunctional and these felted acorns with glittery tops can be used in a number of ways. Incorporate them into your holiday table settings or affix some ribbon to the tops for pretty placement on your tree. Merino wool acorns, The Dwarf Ram on Etsy, $32 (set of 9).

2 ‘River’ ornament

One of the most beautiful songs ever written about the winter season, ‘River’ by Canadian songstress Joni Mitchell takes its place on the Christmas tree with this sweet clay ornament strung on a grosgrain ribbon. It’s Coming on Christmas ornament, Lasso Creations on Etsy, $11. etsy-ornaments-paperstar.jpg
3 Paper star

Delicate and snowy white, star urchin paper ornaments are inspired by traditional Polish folk art that dates back 100 years. Hang a few of these 3” lovelies on the tree to add a touch of culture and history. Star Urchin ornament, Kissa Design on Etsy, $19. etsy-ornaments-peacedove.jpg
4 Peace dove

A universal symbol for ‘peace’, the dove has become an iconic figure in Christmas decorating as a goodwill representation for the holidays. Spread the spirit of the season with this ceramic dove ornament, perfect for your own tree or to affix to a bottle of wine as a gift. Ceramic peace dove ornament, Chrissy Ann Ceramics on Etsy, $15. etsy-ornaments-1stxmas-2.jpg
5 ‘Our first Christmas’

Celebrate a friend’s new baby or family member’s engagement with a keepsake ornament of a first Christmas spent together. This modern black and white disc is customizable to feature whichever date or special occasion you wish to celebrate. ‘Our First Christmas’ ornament, Peachwik on Etsy, $19. etsy-ornaments-jutestring.jpg
6 Rustic jute string ornament

If the glitter and sparkle of the holidays isn’t your style, try a rustic, nature-inspired look when decorating. This natural jute string ornament brings a simple style to the Christmas tree. Jute string ornament, Foundation Creations on Etsy, $11. etsy-ornaments-noel.jpg
7 Noel ornament

With accents of holly, mistletoe and evergreen, this handmade chipboard disc brings an air of Old World charm with its beautiful calligraphic message of ‘Noel’. Noel Christmas ornament, By Jennifer Allevato on Etsy, $22. etsy-ornaments-custom-childrens.jpg
8 Customized children’s ornaments

Great as a gift to a new mother or to give to your own kids, a customized children’s ornament is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your Christmas decor. We love this set from Paloma’s Nest – choose from a lamb, pony, hippo, whale, elephant or giraffe. Custom animal ornament, Paloma’s Nest on Etsy, $30 each. etsy-ornaments-glitter.jpg
9 Glitter acorn ornament

‘Handmade from nature’ never looked so good! We love the way this Etsy artisan used acorn caps to create a unique ornament that sparkles beneath the lights of the Christmas tree. Acorn ornament with glitter, Foundation Creations on Etsy, $38. etsy-ornaments-gold-pinecone.jpg
10 Gold pinecone

Combine wintry nature with the glitz and glam of the holiday season with golden ornaments like this pretty pinecone. A little gold paint, red ribbon and sparkly rhinestone amplify this bit of nature into a lovely gem for the Christmas tree. Natural pinecone ornament, Maria’s Farmhouse on Etsy, $9.


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10 Etsy Christmas ornaments we love