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10 luxury powder room accessories

10 luxury powder room accessories

10 luxury powder room accessories Author: Style At Home

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10 luxury powder room accessories

If there’s one room that everyone visiting your house is likely to see, it’s the powder room. So it’s worthwhile to go the extra mile. Outfit it with fancy fixtures and dress it up with luxury items of sweetly scented soaps and fine linens. Those extra touches will make your guests feel special.


1 Liquid hand soaps and lotions
You can’t go wrong with a pretty set of hand soap and lotion. Especially when they’re elegantly packaged in their own holder. In this case, choose from scents like Lemon Tarragon, Lime Blossom and Mandarin Ginger. Anthropologie, $34.

2 Canisters and trays

Use embellished canisters or tank trays like these to store extra supplies like handcrafted soaps or candles. Or fill them with colourful shells, beads or potpourri. They’re useful and decorative at the same time. Pottery Barn, $20.93 - $70.64.

3 Luxurious bar soaps

These soaps hail from Parisian perfumers Roger and Gallet – a company that’s been creating aromatic magic for a century and a half. Their wonderful scents paired with their rich and vibrant packaging make them a luxurious addition to the powder room. The Bay, $19.50 (set of 3).

4 Fancy faucets

Because they’re usually small, there aren’t a lot of fixtures in a powder room. But you can create a dramatic impression with the faucet you choose. We love this mix of vintage swirled knobs and the elegant, modern line of the tap itself. Restoration Hardware, $555.

5 Cosy mats

If you’ve got a tiled floor, it’s always more pleasant to have a warm spot to stand on. Try a luxurious looking floor mat like this one. It’s a modern shag rug made of recycled jersey cotton. Soft and eye-catching. West Elm, $19.76 – 40.55.

6 Soap dish

This chunky glass soap dish offers a weighty richness for a very small price. Pair it with other glass accessories, wicker, stainless steel or even black lacquer. No matter what your style, it will blend in easily. Crate and Barrel, $11.17.

7 Candles

If you really want to treat your guests, try these posh looking – and smelling - Bond No 9 Candles. Their beauty shines through even when they’re not lit. The Bay, $100.

8 Plush towels

Everyone loves the luxurious feel of a soft, plush towel. These 650-gram classic whites with understated, elegant trim will definitely let your guests know you care. Horchow, $34.

9 Pleasing scents

Use reed diffusers to fill the room with aromas that will make guests feel like they’ve stepped into a spa. These reed diffusers made by San Francisco-based Agraria come in a variety of rich scents, are made without alcohol and last up to a year., $110.

10 Decorative soaps

We couldn’t resist the rich, detailed patterns of these flower and heart soaps. So pretty piled on a tray or stacked in a jar! Etsy, $16 US.


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Accessories & Furnishings

10 luxury powder room accessories