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11 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For You To Copy

Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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11 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For You To Copy

It's never too early to start decorating your Christmas tree!

Or at least start thinking about it. If you're like us, you must be excited to start planning all of your holiday decor.

If you're looking for new ways to deck the halls, we've got you covered Draw inspiration from some of the prettiest Christmas trees as seen on Instagram.

The classic maximalist



There's nothing more freeing than simply stacking all your favourite decorations on your tree with no inhibitions. Plus, it's fun for the whole family!

Citrus lover



A fun way to decorate your Christmas tree is with roasted orange wedges. Plus, they'll make your house smell amazing during the process!

Floral arrangement



Yet another DIY hack that we're loving is putting up dried flowers on your tree. Just buy the ones you like, hang them upside down for a couple days and they'll be ready to go! Your Christmas tree will bloom over the holidays.

No space? No problem!



If you don't have a lot of space (or the budget) for a big Christmas tree, a smaller one is a great option! Put in a pot of your choice, hang some lights and you're good to go!

Blushing tones



Who said pink can't be a Christmas colour? Embrace your feminine side with fun shades of pink, coral and peach like this tree.

A minimalist's dream


If you're not into over-the-top decorations, then some fairy lights and DIY ribbons are a great option for you.

Lost in the woods


We love how this Christmas tree is full of owls and pine cones. The neutral tones make it look like it's been carried straight out of the forest into your living room!

Gilded glamour



If you don't like to stray too far from tradition and are not afraid of all things shiny, then glamorous gold-toned decorations are for you! Your Christmas tree will shine beautifully and will be the centre of your festivities.

Cranberries in the snow



Classic doesn't have to be boring! Pick some red toys, ribbons and accessorize with artificial cranberries. Bonus points if you add some snowy branches.

Monochrome moment



If you're struggling with picking a colour palette, stick to one shade. White works great, but you can choose any colour you like that fits your living space!

A life of its own



Add whimsy to your Christmas tree with fun animals and characters! You can also add characters from classic Christmas tales, like the Nutcracker.




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Accessories & Furnishings

11 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas For You To Copy