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11 winter lodge-style essentials

11 winter lodge-style essentials

11 winter lodge-style essentials Author: Style At Home

Accessories & Furnishings

11 winter lodge-style essentials

1 Fair Isle Ski sweater

This fashionable ski sweater will keep you cozy during the frigid weather. J.Crew, $162. cabin-fever-moccasins.jpg
2 Lodge moccasins in dark nutmeg

Even your feet will feel toasty during the cold winter months with these moccasins. J.Crew, $46. cabin-fever-rug.jpg
3 Modern Element Collection wool and silk Ikat rug

Spread this beautiful wool and silk Ikat rug on the floor of your bedroom - giving it the look of your own private cabin-chic chamber. Weavers Art, $6,950.

4 Cast iron branch side table

Having a rustic-style side table like this one in your living room will definitely be a conversation piece when guests visit. West Elm, $239

5 Woodfire pillow tin candle

For a beautiful aroma and to create a home fragrance, light up one of these scented woodfire pillow tin candles. Illume, $18 US. cabin-fever-book.jpg
6 Home Made Winter book

Home Made Winter by Yvette Van Boven will have you whipping up delicious comforting meals with its step-by-step instructions. Amazon, $40. cabin-fever-mug.jpg
7 Rustic mug in cherry

Make a cup of a hot chocolate or stick to your regular daily cup of tea or coffee - but now you can fill it in this vibrant mug. Chapters Indigo, $16. cabin-fever-fabric.jpg
8 Schumacher Caribou embroidery fabric
Get creative with this embroided caribou fabric in charcoal! Make beautiful blankets with this fabric or perhaps you can even sew covers for throw pillows for the bed or sofa. Bilbrough & Co., $163 per yard, through designers. cabin-fever-antler.jpg
9 Antler

This uniquely chevron painted deer antler in seafoam, cream and silver will make a great decor accessory for practically any space in the house! MadeByCassandraSmith, $112 US.

10 Paine’s cedar incense
Bring the fresh smell of the outdoors into your home with this Paine’s cedar incense. Old Faithful Shop, $9.

11 Hudson’s Bay Company Collection blanket
When it is just one of those days to stay indoors, you can get under this comfy point blanket, cuddle up and watch your favourite movie in bed. The Bay, from $295.


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Accessories & Furnishings

11 winter lodge-style essentials