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13 guest room essentials for the holidays

13 guest room essentials for the holidays

13 guest room essentials for the holidays Author: Style At Home

Accessories & Furnishings

13 guest room essentials for the holidays

Remember these three things when decorating your guest bedroom: comfort, storage and accessibility. You want company to feel right at home, without their having to ask where everything is.

Warm-1.jpgPhotography by Monic Richard.

1 Welcome gift
Set on the bed, a wrapped present – whether a tasty treat, luxurious toiletries or a book to read over the holidays – it's a welcoming gesture for company.

Photography by Yvonne Duivenvoorden.

2 Cozy throws
Adorn guests' beds with plenty of warm, plush layers, which can be added to or taken away as needed.

Photography by Yvonne Duivenvoorden.

Essential comforts
3 Pair of slippers

Much better than just socks, a pair of slippers set by the bed is a treat for out-of-towners, who most likely won't pack their own.

4 Goodie tray

Neatly corral gifts and treats on a tray with a tag for the recipient. Place the tray on the bed or a bedside surface, so guests don’t mistake whom it’s for.

5 Spare linens

Store extra bedding and pillows in a nearby blanket box. Let your guests know they can help themselves. Warm-9.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald.

6 Stocked side table

Before guests arrive, load up the bedside table with a reading lamp, glass and water carafe, alarm clock, fresh seasonal blooms, books, and magazines. Warm-12.jpg
Photography by Monic Richard.

7 Decorated daybed
Daybeds do double duty in guest rooms, acting as a haven for both bedtime and daytime lounging. 8 Storage baskets
Provide a spot for guests to keep their things both orderly and close at hand.

9 Window seat
Provide guests with the perfect quiet escape by creating a cozy reading nook in their room. Simply pull up a chair next to the window and adorn the spot with a blanket and festive decorations.

10 Festive touches
To make visitors feel extra special, hang a wreath on the bed frame or display other cheery decorations.

11 Empty dresser
Have an empty dresser, wardrobe or closet ready, so visitors can unpack and feel completely at home.

12 Decked bathroom
Give the bathroom a festive, welcoming feel with fun decorations, candles and blooms. Don’t forget to stock clean towels, tissue and pampering toiletries.

13 Kids' stuff
Don’t overlook the little ones! Give children’s sleeping quarters a jolly, playful touch with a string of stockings - filled with candy, perhaps – and a basket of fun toys and games.


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Accessories & Furnishings

13 guest room essentials for the holidays