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6 stylish retro telephones

6 stylish retro telephones

6 stylish retro telephones Author: Style At Home

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6 stylish retro telephones

The retro trend is in full swing – from TV shows like Mad Men to retro-inspired looks on the fashion runways. It’s easier than you might think to make a retro look an addition to your home, even the most modern decor can benefit from a little dose from the past. The key is to do it in small touches so the retro feeling doesn’t overtake your entire home.

"The word ‘retro’ can mean many things, but essentially in regards to decorating it's inserting pieces that are from a certain time period from the past, or remind you of a certain time period from the past,” explains Lisa Canning, Interior Stylist, Lisa Canning Interiors. “An easy way to add a retro feeling into your home is with decor accessories. Whether you search through vintage shops or purchase vintage-inspired pieces, tabletop accessories, artwork and retro textiles can add whimsy.”
The perfect way to add a little bit of that retro vibe? Try adding in one of these 6 stylish, functional and funky retro telephones.

1 The standout phone
Dress up your entryway or any living area with a slick and shiny retro telephone. You can opt for classic black or, to really get the piece noticed, choose silver. An added bonus: You won’t miss today’s technologies of push buttons, a flash when it rings and a handy redial button thanks to the concealing design. It’s the best mix of both old and new. Pottery Barn, $78.97 - $105.74.


2 The candlestick phone
Bring the nostalgia of your favourite classic movies into your home decor with a standup candlestick phone. This retro Crosley phone has a separate ear and mouthpiece so you can pretend you’re back in Jimmy Stewart’s time. It also makes a lovely conversation piece in your home. Amazon, $53.52.


3 The desk phone
If bringing retro into your living space, kitchen or dining room isn’t appealing, start by mixing it into your home office. “
As with all trends, you have to use as much or as little as your personal tolerance will allow. The way to keep it not feeling like the set of an old dated television show is injecting modern pieces or modern architectural elements that would obviously not be part of that era,” suggests Canning. This chrome-finished phone will sit perfectly on the corner of your desk for important phone calls, and makes your office look chic and very official. Amazon, $41.98.


4 The modern retro phone
This VTech phone has two things going for it. The phone is retro in styling at first glance, but it also has all the modern capabilities that we love and are used to in this decade. The cordless handset sits on a charging base, which uses an eco-friendly battery. It also comes with caller ID and speakerphones for hands-free calls, giving this vintage-inspired telephone a very modern twist. VTech, $59.95.


5 The retro wall telephone
Who has a wall phone in these days of wireless technology? Not many, but one in a splashy colour like this shiny, cherry red will add a bright retro vibe and a big punch of personality to any home. “
I love personality in spaces and the 50s, 60s and 70s were full of personality!” says Canning. We’re picturing this in a modern kitchen for that perfect pop of colour. Amazon, $47.92.

retro-phones-mobile-handset.jpg 6 The retro mobile phone
Ok, so there’s no true retro mobile phone unless you choose the heavy block cell phones from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. But this is a great way to take your love of all things retro with you everywhere you go. Just plug this old school handset into your iPhone or iPad and you can have your conversations the old way, with a handset and flexible cord. And while you’re at it, pick a super fun and funky colour like the electric blue, candy pink or sunny yellow. West Elm, $30.85.


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6 stylish retro telephones