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amy butler's new graham & brown wallpaper

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amy butler's new graham & brown wallpaper

If you haven't already snatched up the August issue of Style at Home, you need to do so right away, if only to check out the new wallpaper I'm obsessing over on page 21... Amy Butler -- she of chic sewing pattern and fabric fame -- has crafted a new collection of wallpapers for Graham & Brown that is making some serious waves in the design world, and I just had to launch my "Style News" column with my fave of the many perky patterns she's devised. But what of the others in the collection? Be prepared to drool...

Retro-fabulous! I love Amy's fresh new take on American Midwest motifs like big, medallion-style blooms...

Lacework in Moss, with Sun and Moon in Moss (below chair rail)


And those colours are absolutely breathtaking. Who said red and pink don't play well together? Throw in a bit of creamy orange, and you've got a brilliant palette that still feels light and airy, thanks to the judicious use of white.

Momento in Sunset


In a monochromatic green scheme, this pattern almost takes on an Art Nouveau vibe.

Passion Lily in Field


Turquoise delight!

Field Poppies in Midnight


A vision in violet... (And no, that's not Amy Butler, oddly enough.)

Fountain in Midnight


This is the only one that I'm not completely bonkers about, but I think it's more due to the colourway than the actual pattern... And I'm a completist, so here it is!

Georgia in Stone


The new Graham & Brown Amy Butler Collection is available for around $80 per roll at Crown Wallpaper + Fabric.

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Accessories & Furnishings

amy butler's new graham & brown wallpaper