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Find your design inspiration!

Find your design inspiration!

Find your design inspiration! Author: Style At Home

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Find your design inspiration!

Design isn’t just about how you decorate: it’s also about how you live. Your dream home is a combination of style and substance. It provides shelter but it’s also a place where your personality and imagination come alive. So when thinking about decorating, think about your lifestyle. It’s there that you’ll find your personal design style – and inspiration for your next project.


Style is a highly personal thing. Yet most homes can be categorized under one of three main design styles: Traditional, Contemporary and Eclectic.

Traditional homes channel the past (albeit with modern updates and luxuries!), while contemporary homes have a sleek-and-chic urban feel. Eclectic homes marry old and new in equal measures – often with quirky flourishes of global design.

The easiest way to find your overarching design style is to look at pictures of interior accessories, fixtures and paint palettes and identify what you like the most. Take The Home Depot’s Discover Your Style quiz to find out what your aesthetic is.


Once you know what your style is, you’ll have an easier time finding inspiration for your next project. The Home Depot is an amazing resource when it comes to getting inspired. Great online design tools make it easy to find affordable and super-stylish pieces geared to your personal style. Besides the Discover Your Style quiz, you can also get inspired by:

  • The Inspiration Gallery
    Peruse design trends and beautiful room scenes that will spark your imagination.
  • Mood Boards
    Browse the latest design trends with must-have pieces pre-selected for you based on your style. It’s like having your own personal shopper!
  • Thinkincolour
    Try out the hottest paint palettes in virtual rooms until you find your perfect hues. Colours are grouped based on your style and use current BEHR, CIL and Ralph Lauren paint colours from The Home Depot.

TIP: Once you find your new paint colours, use The Home Depot’s Paint Calculator before heading out to the store.



In addition to The Home Depot’s interactive tools, look to your own lifestyle for design inspiration.

Consider your favourite travel destinations. Think about the local culture, art, architecture and street scenes. This may inspire anything from an entire room design to paint or lighting selections.

Identify your fashion style. Your wardrobe, like your home, is a reflection of your identity. Find inspiration for colours, textures, and aesthetic sensibility in your closet.

Go to the movies. Set designers go to great lengths to wow us with the right scenery. Gorgeous period dramas, urban thrillers and charming foreign films all provide a glimpse into how other people live – and can inspire ideas for how you want to live.

Look all around you: inspiration is everywhere! Head to The Home Depot to turn your inspiration into reality. But first, read “2009 Fall design trends ” to learn about how trends and style work together.


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Accessories & Furnishings

Find your design inspiration!