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How-to: Create a masculine home office

How-to: Create a masculine home office

How-to: Create a masculine home office Author: Style At Home

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How-to: Create a masculine home office

No matter what you use your home office for – working, studying or daydreaming – it’s a space that should be customized for your needs. For the ladies, an organized, feminine home office may come with sleek accessories, a few frills and clean white lines. But for a more masculine approach to the home office, you need to think a little more rugged, consider darker hues and add interesting textures.

We enlisted the help of Tim Lam, from Design Maze, to help us create a smart and stylish masculine home office.

1 Think ‘gentlemen’s club’
“No one tells the story of a masculine home office better than a classic gentlemen’s club,” says Tim.  “Let’s face it; men all have a love affair with this prestigious, grand aesthetic that was utterly popular since the late 19th century,” he says. When trying to create a masculine home office, think British luxury – rich colours, thick textures, wood accessories and anything that says “upper class.”

2 Take a cue from menswear
“Gentlemen are proud of their wardrobe, so why not take a cue from the most standout garment of all: a tailored blazer,” says Lam. “Pinstripe, herringbone or plaid: these are the patterns that give a space an instant masculine look.” Look for these patterns in decor accessories, art or wallpapers.

3 Don’t forget comfort
“Comfort is definitely a high priority, if not the most important consideration, when men choose their furnishings,” says Tim. “After all, the home office is a place where work happens and perhaps a quiet place to unwind after a long day of work. So comfort is key to a cosy, inviting space.”   

4 Add a touch of sex appeal
There’s something intriguing about a dashing gentleman in his luxurious and masculine home office, whether he’s hard at work, checking his social media status or reading Hemingway in his leather lounge chair. “I say, let’s bring sexy back and make a bold statement with lighting options in the home office,” says Tim. A dimly lit office creates a dramatic and mysterious vibe, but also make sure to have a handy desk lamp to prevent weary eyes while on the computer.

Find out how to get the masculine home office look!

1 Wall treatment

“By installing a piece of chair rail 36” off the floor, you now have at least two wall-covering options,” suggests Tim. He loves the look and feel of Barrington Plaid wallpaper by Ralph Lauren above the chair rail and painting the lower part of the walls a soft white, for a timeless masculine look. Ralph Lauren Barrington Plaid Wallpaper,, £45.

2 Fabrics

“You can always paperback a men’s wear fabric and install it as wallpaper for a luxurious wall treatment that doubles as a super stylish sound barrier,” says Tim. But if that’s not an option, opt for furnishings in the same fabric choices. Think plaids, stripes and herringbone. “This Victor chair is a modern interpretation of the classic wing chair. With high concave back, solid wood legs in ebony, and upholstered in a handsome plaid with four buttons, this cozy treat is definitely high on my must-have list.” Victor chair with buttons, West Elm, $618.28. masculine-homeoffice-desk.jpg
3 Stay organized

“Let's face it, the home office is where documents, paper work, and reference information flourish in their most natural habitat and inevitably clutter the space,” explains Tim. “This mid-century inspired executive desk from Crate & Barrel truly has it all” – a good amount of storage and a sleek and modern design. Claybourn desk, Crate and Barrel, $2476.02

4 The desk lamp

“Here comes the most important lighting option of all in a home office: the desk lamp,” says Tim. “It needs to provide practical task lighting and be visually pleasing with the overall aesthetic of the masculine home office.” Tolomeo Desk Lamp,, $425 USD.

5 Floor covering

“The floor is a fantastic place to introduce pattern and texture. For a classic gentleman aesthetic, nothing beats a natural walnut wood floor executed in herringbone style,” says Tim. “Alternatively, a black and white contemporary rug can also add an instant sophistication to the home office.” Ikea Stockholm Rand rug, Ikea, $249.


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How-to: Create a masculine home office