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Makeovers made easy!

Makeovers made easy!

Makeovers made easy! Author: Style At Home

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Makeovers made easy!

Often the hardest step in any home-improvement or makeover project is the first one. Moving from inspiration to decision making can be hard – especially given all the amazing choices and options out there today! That’s why it’s important to start with the basics: identifying your personal style, and choosing trends best suited to that style.

The Home Depot has many interactive tools that can help you with both those tasks. (And once you’re ready to kick off your next project, you can find additional resources in-store, from The Home Depot’s expert designers and sales associates, to how-to books and magazines, to in-store DIY workshops.)

Read on for tips on how you can use The Home Depot’s online Design Centre to move from design inspiration to project execution.


If you haven’t already taken the interactive Discover Your Style quiz, do it now. It’s fun, easy and extremely informative. By clicking on the products you love most, you can identify your personal taste in a very visual, intuitive sense.

Is your taste Traditional, Contemporary or Eclectic? Take the quiz and find out!


Sometimes “window shopping” beautifully styled rooms is a shortcut to inspiration. If you’ve been thinking your living room is due for a makeover – and you know what your personal style is, whether Traditional, Contemporary or Eclectic – browse The Home Depot’s Inspiration Gallery for some fresh ideas that pair upcoming trends with each of the major design styles.


If you’re looking for simple and straightforward ways to refresh your decor scheme, visit The Home Depot’s Mood Boards.

You’ll find an array of hot products in the latest design trends, all curated for your perusal. They’re grouped by design trend and style to make it easy for you to find the pieces that would be just the thing to add an instant update to any room in your house, whether your style is Traditional, Contemporary or Eclectic.


Whether you’re thinking full makeover or simple update, nothing gets results as easily and inexpensively as a fresh coat of paint. But if choosing from the thousands of hues available is a daunting task, look no further than The Home Depot’s online thinkincolour tool.

Virtually “paint” rooms online choosing from the current seasonal palettes from The Home Depot’s selection of Behr, CIL and Ralph Lauren paints. Palettes are grouped by design trend – this season’s hot Heritage (Traditional), New Frontiers (Contemporary) and Harvest (Eclectic), for instance – to make it easy for you.



Finally, be sure to use The Home Depot’s online Paint Calculator to figure out how much paint you need before you head out to the store, saving you time.

Please see the other articles in this know-how series to learn about Finding Your Design Inspiration and Fall Trends.

And visit your local Home Depot store or for the know-how and inspiration that’ll get you from inspiration to big reveal in record time!


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Accessories & Furnishings

Makeovers made easy!