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Stylish Halloween decorating

Stylish Halloween decorating

Stylish Halloween decorating Author: Style At Home

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Stylish Halloween decorating

Decorating your home for Halloween without going over the top is easy if you find the right pieces. We've gathered 10 fabulously chic Halloween decor accessories that will turn your home into a subtly spooky space.


1 Raven candles
Quoth the raven 'Nevermore'! These eerie black raven candles from Pottery Barn would be great to set the Halloween mood in a front foyer. $10 US each;


2 Spiderweb bowl
Keep the cobwebs out of the corners and bring them into the spotlight. With a ceramic bowl like this one, you can give trick or treaters a surprise when they reach the bottom. $50 US, MePottery on Etsy;


3 Spooky cake stencils
Bake a Halloween cake worth screaming over! Four stencils for powdering haunted motifs will make your October 31st bash a hit. $5 US per set of 4, Martha Stewart;


4 Pumpkin scented soap
Pumpkins and spice and everything nice -- that's what Halloween soaps are made of. This pumpkin-spiced soap from Etsy not only smells delicious, but it's wrapped up in a delicate muslin, perfect for gifts. $6 US, Long Winter Farm on Etsy;


5 Rattan pumpkins
Jack-o-lanterns can be a bit garish, so take the subtle route. These rattan pumpkins are chic and lend a harvest charm to your home. From $19 US each, Pottery Barn;


6 Spider vase fillers
It's still okay to add a bit of sparkly bling to your Halloween decor. Pottery Barn's glitter spiders are great for filling hurricane vases and making visitors take a double look. $19 US for pack of 16;


7 Ceramic owl lantern
Forget the pumpkin this year -- get a spooky glow with a chic ceramic, This ceramic owl lantern from Etsy holds a tealight and spreads light throughout the holes of the eyes and plumes. $36 US, Fruitflypie on Etsy;


8 Wire web charger
This charger wasn't designed for Halloween decor, but we thought it does a great job of resembling a spider web. $19 US, Pottery Barn;


9 Spiderweb goodie bags
Make Halloween special for party guests and trick-or-treaters. Martha Stewart Crafts offers up stylish candy cellophane bags, perfect for sweet treats. $10 US per pack of 12;


10 Spooky treats

Not prepared to bake for this year's Halloween party? Go for store-bought goodies like these brownie-pops from Williams-Sonoma. $30 US per pack of 6;


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Accessories & Furnishings

Stylish Halloween decorating