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Wall decor

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Wall decor

Wall decor: How to fill your blank walls
Turn your bare walls into instant eye candy with these 10 decorative and functional accessories.

Green your walls and roof
What’s 2009’s hottest hue for walls? Green! The same goes for roofs.

10 wallpaper patterns you'll love
Wallpaper is an easy way to punch up your walls. Check out these 10 pretty patterns.

10 essentials to set your wallpaper straight
Everything you need to hang wallpaper properly and beautifully.

Project: Tissue paper walls
For a cheaper, quicker version of wallpaper, try this tissue paper technique.

Wonderful wallpaper 101
Top decorators Karen Keller and Sarah Cole say nobody should be afraid of wallpaper.

Colour blocking: A cool trend in painting walls
Colour blocking is an easy way to highlight a feature or simply dress up an empty wall. Consider this chic way to paint your walls the next time you want to freshen up your home.

Wall decor: Colourful expressions
Four original ways to make your blank walls come alive with personality, without breaking the bank.

Starting an art collection
From what to know to where to look, learn how to find the perfect piece of art.

Project: Framed papers
Play around with multiple versions of the same wallpaper pattern when decorating your walls.

10 steps to perfect walls
Ensure professional results when you tackle your next home painting project.

Dress your walls in style
Explore your options of wallcoverings that will add flair and personality to your home.

Project: Striped walls

Painting horizontal stripes on a wall can add architechtural interest and make the space feel bigger.

Wall decor: Hanging art in your home

Nail down a few of the finer points of artful arranging with tips from an expert.

Wallpaper on a whim
With simple instructions, hanging wallpaper can be a trouble-free task.

Decorating with wallpaper
Looking to add a punch of personality to your walls? When bold paint colours simply aren’t enough, designers are looking to beautifully patterned wallcoverings to do the trick.

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Accessories & Furnishings

Wall decor