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9 Trendy Decor Ideas To Try This Holiday

9 Trendy Decor Ideas To Try This Holiday 2023

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Decorating & Design

9 Trendy Decor Ideas To Try This Holiday

Looking for inspiration for your holiday decorating endeavours? We found the trendiest ideas for you!

1. Neutrals


Forego the usual bright colour scheme of the holidays in favour of neutral tones of brown and off-white. This will give your home a Scandinavian feel.

2. Natural garlands


Hanging some real greenery not only looks great, but will also make your house smell glorious! 

3. Matching candles


Set up some simple candles around your home for a subtle, yet festive atmosphere. We love muted and neutral colours for this.

4. Rustic farmhouse


Rustic decor has been gaining more and more popularity on social media over the years, and for good reason. It just aged in a comforting way, and beautifully nostalgic.

5. Subtle splashes of colour


While entirely changing the colour scheme of your home for the holidays may be a bit much (understandably), we love this idea of adding small colourful accessories all around.

6. Edible arrangements


We're seeing more and more people utilizing seasonal fruits and vegetables for their decorations and we're here for it! Baked orange wedges make a lovely addition to your garland and are a fun project to do as a family.

7. Bows


Velvet or satin bows are such a lovely and elegant way to keep your house festive and simple. Pick a colour of your choice and tie them around candle holders, or place them on your tree!

8. Go heavy on the lights


Fairy lights in particular! They are a relatively inexpensive and cute option to bring sparkle into your home this holiday season. Plus, you can put them anywhere!

9. Let your plate do the talking


The devil's in the details, as they say! Let your dinnerware be the centre of attention with cute plates and cutlery. 





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Decorating & Design

9 Trendy Decor Ideas To Try This Holiday