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Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

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Decorating & Design

Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

After a long and gloomy winter, it's time to decorate your front door!

We're so excited to embrace spring weather and colours. What better way to show others your excitement than decorating your front door? From using fresh flowers to grabbing gardening tools, there are tons of spring wreath design ideas you can try.

Use these pretty wreaths as inspiration:


1. Bright & yellow

Citrusy lemons and bright green magnolia leaves will bring a cheerful disposition to your door.


2. Tulips everywhere

Take a hint from your garden and use spring's favourite flower in a wreath.


3. Watering station

Look to your garden shed for inspiration! We love the idea of hanging a hose on your door.


4. Nesting time

Channel nature with this wreath made of little speckled eggs, feathers and moss.


5. DIY Flowers

We love the idea of combining two spring favourites: crochet and flowers!


6. Lavender haze

This show-stopper uses lush lavender sprigs to create a big sweeping bough. Place them on a simple branch wreath to balance out the drama.


7. Potting around



Clay garden pots make for a whimsical wreath!

8. Everything but the garden shed

Use flowers, gardening tools, a birdhouse and even a watering can to create a wreath that embodies everything about the outdoors this season. 


9. Simple yet stunning

The soft colour and texture of lambs ear will work with almost any door.


10. Pretty pastels

The soft pastel colours of this wreath make it an elegant addition to your decor. 


11. Bug life

Give the creepy crawlies hiding in your garden a cute makeover with these crochet versions! 


12. Make it pop

Use a simple wooden wreath and add tons of contrasting brightly coloured flowers to it using a glue gun and gardening tape.  


13. Spring bulbs

While we love to see flowers bloom, nothing reminds us of spring quite like dark earth, moss and tulip bulbs.


14. Garden party

The colours of this wreath will brighten up any front door!




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Decorating & Design

Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door