Budget Decorating

Home decor: Splurge versus save

Home decor: Splurge versus save

Home decor: Splurge versus save Author: Style At Home

Budget Decorating

Home decor: Splurge versus save

Where to spend and where to cut when it comes to home decor costs.

There are certain items in every room worth splurging on, while others are more fun and frivolous. Here, we break it down room by room to find out what can be purchased for less and what you should be spending a little more on. Shower curtains versus faucets? Duvets versus throw pillows? Lighting versus love seats? We get some advice from Joanne Kakkavas, owner and principal designer of Roomy Home Interiors, to find out what to spend on – and where to save.

Start with sourcing a good quality mattress. Sleep is important and you don’t want to compromise a good night’s rest for the sake of saving a few dollars. You also want to spend on your duvet cover and bedding, Joanne says. “Your bed is focal point of the room, so spend on good bedding that looks great.” You should also spend more on dresser drawers because they get lots of wear and tear. In general, be prepared to spend a lot on your bedroom, she notes. But you can save on extras like nightstands, reading lamps and decorative pillows. Rather than spending money on artwork, go with a beautiful headboard and stylish bedding instead.

Kitchen and dining room
If you can afford it, consider upgrading to stainless steel appliances, which look great and are a good idea for resale value. You also want to spend on faucets and taps and splurge on a beautiful countertop. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, go simple and affordable. The impact can come from unique hardware and handles that catch the eye. Visit antique shops and specialty stores to scout stylish, one-of-a-kind options.

Splurge on a good, functional dining table. It will get lots of use and will last last. Save on chairs since you may want to change them after a few years, plus you need more of them, which can get expensive.

Living room
If you can, splurge on your sofa. It gets enough use that opting for quality will save you money in the end. There’s no point purchasing something just because it’s cheap and then having to replace it two years later. A good quality sofa should last 10 years. Fabric, foam and construction are what determine the quality. When you sit down, it shouldn’t feel like you are sinking endlessly into it. The sofa should have a little bit of give, but the shape should hold.

Splurge on good lighting, which can do wonders to make a space look beautiful. Layer lighting for optimum effect, using overhead, ambient and floor lighting. Joanne also suggests splurging on art, which will help tie the room together. You don’t need a lot; one nice piece of original art is often enough to make a statement.

Save on accents (pillows, rugs) and on carpets. Joanne sees carpeting as a decorative item and accent colour, and something you should feel free to change if the mood strikes.

Spend on faucets and taps, Joanne suggests. Think of them as the accents of your wardrobe, like enhancing a simple black dress with great accessories like a belt or beautiful necklace. Even a plain sink and vanity can be dressed up with stylish faucet and ultra-modern taps. Also invest in a nice showerhead that will last. Not only will your morning showers improve, a quality showerhead is good for resale value.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, a shower stall with beautiful tiling makes for a relaxing and spa-like setting. Many people have been getting rid of tubs and opting for shower stalls instead.

Save on towels, shower curtains, toothbrush holders and other accessories you’re likely to switch up more often.

“The foyer is the first impression people have of your home,” Joanne says. A good place to splurge is on lighting. Think about pendant lighting, which hangs from the ceiling and adds both ambiance and architectural influence. You can also spend on one focal piece, such as bench seating that also works as storage, or a beautiful antique side table. Accessories such as mirrors, vases or small tables can be purchased with less regard for cost.

It can be tempting to overspend when decorating your home, even on the little things, but stop and think before you buy. Spend where it matters and save wherever you can to take a balanced approach to both your home and your chequebook.


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Budget Decorating

Home decor: Splurge versus save